Oil and gas industry publish blueprint for net zero

Energy Transition Group
5 Sep 2019

The UK’s offshore oil and gas industry has outlined its contribution to the UK and Scottish Government net-zero ambitions as part of an ambitious blueprint showing what the sector could look like in future.

Roadmap to 2035: A Blueprint for net-zero sets out five key themes requiring industry, government and regulator action to ensure the sector can continue to provide secure energy supply, support net-zero and remain a vital contributor to the UK economy.

It includes coordinating activities to reduce emissions from the production of oil and gas, which currently accounts for 3 percent of UK total greenhouse gas emissions, and understanding how the UK oil and gas industry can play a key role in developing and commercialising low carbon technologies including Carbon Capture Usage and Storage and hydrogen.

The roadmap is one of the first major industrial responses to government plans to reduce or offset carbon emissions to net zero by 2050 in the UK and 2045 in Scotland. It is published following extensive engagement with over 2,500 industry stakeholders. The roadmap is the centrepiece of a flagship report published today by the leading representative body for the industry.