IOGP Report 594 – Source Control Emergency Response Planning Guide for Subsea Wells

Energy Transition Group
15 Jan 2019

This report has been developed to guide Operating Companies in the planning and preparation of a suitable subsea source control emergency response plan. The scope covers basic emergency response organisational format, roles and responsibilities, well design considerations, source control options and implementation considerations. In doing so, it is expected to support Operating Companies in the development of their emergency response plans as well as providing non-technical stakeholders an insight to what is involved in subsea source control. Topics addressed in this document include:

• Overview of subsea source well control
• Elements of source control
• Emergency response framework
• Well design considerations for supporting source control equipment
• Subsea well source control response planning
• Capping stack equipment and preparation
• Flow containment equipment and preparation

Topics that are related to aspects of source control and may be mentioned
throughout this document but do not form part of this documents core body

• Prevention of well control incidents
• Surface oil spill response
• Surface or dry tree well response
• Incident Command Systems in detail or formal ICS structures
• Continual tracking of capping stack systems
• Regulatory compliance
• Relief well planning, drilling and incident well kill operations

The report is available to download free from the IOGP Bookstore