Testing times

Fred Starr recollects...

UK Gas and cuckoo clocks

Fred Starr waxes lyrical about Swiss invention, the North Sea Gas masterpiece and petty squabbles

Opinion: Minerals industry perspective

Richard Dewhirst, of Limehurst Consulting, looks at changing attitudes in commodities

Opinion: Mark Godden - the Mines Rescue Service

Albion Stone’s Mine and Quarry Manager considers the future of the Mines Rescue Service

Get talking - Geoengineering and HS2

Would HS2 gain more supporters if it could be seen to be groundbreaking in some technological way that might spin off elsewhere? Geoff Snape thinks so
Traffic jam on the M25

Actions of consequence

Fred discusses diesel cars and their unintended consequences

Fred Starr recollects: Nature on our side

Metals are hard fought for and then they suffer corrosion...