Get talking – fostering commercial and academic collaboration

Ian Sharp says a long-term approach should be taken to build the symbiotic relationship between universities and industry
An unidentified technician with Fred Starr, Ray Pinchin, Tony Choy and Dr Gordon Smith and the Stirling engine micro cogeneration prototype in the mid 1990s.

Making Stirling efforts

Fredd Starr recollects...
Philip Grey

Get talking

Philip Gray argues the importance of the development of mineral processing technology

Get talking: Dr Prem Mahi

Industry should prepare now for the inevitable introduction of carbon capture and storage technology, says Prem Mahi.

Get talking: Geoff Snape

The path from idea to invention and then uptake is lined with obstacles. A keen follower of new technology, Geoff Snape considers why alternative fuels have not yet taken off.

Fred Starr recollects – including the kitchen sink

Fred Starr recollects... Including the kitchen sink

Get talking: engineering power

Geoff Snape discusses science and engineering specialists in UK Government

Get talking: building with stone

This month Mark Godden asks, just how environmentally friendly is stone as a building material?

Get talking

This month's guest columnist is Barry Wills, who argues the case for froth flotation