• Microwave-based technique recycles medium density fibre (MDF)

    Materials World magazine
    Nviro Cleantech Ltd, based in London, UK, plans to start commercial trials in 2008 for a microwave-based technique to recycle medium density fibre (MDF). No viable commercial system for recovering and recycling these wood fibres into a reusable form currently exists.
  • Next-generation nanowire memory devices

    Materials World magazine
    Research performed at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, USA, has taken a step closer to creating faster and longer lasting memory devices using phase-change materials at the nanoscale.
  • Mining

    UK National Minerals Forum sets agenda

    Materials World magazine
    The UK National Minerals Forum, launched in November 2006, has set its agenda for 2008. It aims to encourage strategic thinking and identify any issues that require a coherent response, such as continuity and sincerity of supply of aggregates, silica sand, open cast coal and fluorspar reserves.
  • Testing orthopaedic implants coated with carbon nanotubes

    Materials World magazine
    Orthopaedic implants that monitor the healing process and speed up bone growth may be achievable using carbon nanotubes, say researchers at Brown University in Providence, USA.
  • Fridge magnets

    Refrigeration using magnetic cooling technology

    Materials World magazine
    Researchers from the Risoe National Laboratory - Technical University of Denmark, in Roskilde, have used magnetic cooling technology to bring environmentally friendly refrigeration closer to development. Magnetic cooling technology exploits materials such as gadolinium which heat up when exposed to a magnetic field and cool down when that field is removed.
  • Hydrogels for tissue regeneration

    Materials World magazine
    A novel peptide-based hydrogel that can be injected as a solid may one day be used to repair damaged human tissue, according to scientists at the University of Delaware, USA. The low viscosity gel could be used to deliver cells and pharmaceuticals.
  • Integrated science degree for students

    New integrated science degree

    Materials World magazine
    The UK’s Institute of Physics will launch its Integrated Science degree in four UK universities from September 2008. The degree will offer the opportunity to learn several UK disciplines, including physics, chemistry, engineering and biology.
  • Sustainable development central to engineering education

    Materials World magazine
    There is a conflict between the research assessment exercise for UK academics and the need to integrate sustainable developmnent into egineering education, concluded delagates at the Global Sustainability - The Future for Engineering Education Forum on 18 September 2007 in London, UK.
  • Polymer fuel tanks to meet emission standards

    Materials World magazine
    The Polymer Processing Research Centre (PPRC) at Queen's University Belfast, UK, is researching multilayer polyamide and polyethylene fuel tanks that help motorcycle manufacturers meet stringent emission standards in the USA. Polymers also improve impact and corrosion resistance and are more cost effective that the metal fuel tanks, say researchers.
  • Nanoparticle production

    Materials World magazine
    Scientists from the North West Laser Engineering Consortium at the Universities of Liverpool and Manchester, UK, say they have developed a more efficient way of producing nanoparticles using a continuous wave (CW) fibre laser.