Developing micro-LED technology

Materials World magazine
6 Feb 2020

A university spin-out company is developing the next generation of micro-LED technology which it claims will be ‘commercially game-changing’. Idha Valeur reports.

Newly launched University of Sheffield, UK, spin-out company, EpiPix Ltd is currently developing what it says will become the next generation in the field of micro-LEDs. The team envisions the resulting technology to be used for applications including displays for smart devices, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).


This micro-LED technology originated from research conducted by University of Sheffield Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering Professor, Tao Wang. The company EpiPix was established as a way to collaborate with other industry experts to further this work.


So far, the team has successfully demonstrated multi-colour micro-LED arrays on single wafers, where both high light efficiency and consistency was achieved.


According to a university press release, EpiPix is currently advancing this foundation work to create strong micro-LED epiwafers and product offerings for red, green and blue wavelengths for a range of micro-LED pixel sizes, varying between 10-30 micrometres. Thus far, prototypes at less than five micrometres in diameter have been successfully demonstrated.


There are several important issues that need to be addressed, said Wang, in the creation of high-performance micro-LEDs at sub-5 micrometre diametre, 'which are particularly important for AR and VR micro-displays. Very recently, we have developed a novel but cost-effective approach, achieving ultra-small and ultra-bright micro-LEDs with record efficiency'. 


Improving on this, Wang said EpiPix aims to become a global manufacturer of the micro-LED technologies within the next five years.