Engineers ask the government for policy change

Materials World magazine
19 Sep 2019

An engineering manifesto has been published asking the government to invest in the UK’s future, economy and society. Idha Valeur finds out more.

Engineering institutions are urging the British government to invest in clean energy technologies, innovation and digital skills to future-proof the UK’s economy and society. The manifesto was published by the National Engineering Policy Centre (NEPC) a partnership programme led by the Royal Academy of Engineering, representing 450,000 engineers in the UK.

The NEPC helps connect policymakers in the government and engineers from various industries to foster collaborations that can solve the challenges the UK is facing. 

In the document, Engineering priorities for our future economy and society, the group presented its argument for actions to ensure the UK remains a global leader for innovation and engineering. It also recommend several changes in policy ahead of a potential general election, lack of clarity on Brexit and the next spending review. 

The public declaration outlines 20 actions across five categories: 

  • In skill, for the recommendations set out in the Perkins Review to be enforced 

  • An increase of Innovate UK’s budget to aid business innovation  

  • Delivery of  a speedy and strong digital infrastructure, as well as skills that could facilitate a digital economy

  • That the government follows through on the recommendations from the National Infrastructure Assessment regarding infrastructure, and 

  • Investment in developing low-carbon heat and technologies for carbon capture and storage to meet climate change goals. 

‘Our ambition is that the NEPC will be a trusted partner for policymakers, enabling them to access excellent engineering expertise, for social and economic benefit,’ the Royal Academy of Engineering said. 

The NEPC has shared a letter template for supporters to lobby their MPs asking them to get involved and push for policy changes that benefit engineering and society.

IOM3 is an official supporter of this initiative. Read the statement here:

Download a copy of the letter to send to your local MP below. 

Documents for download: