RFID patenting pool

Materials World magazine
1 Mar 2008

Packaging companies may soon find it easier to obtain the rights to essential radio frequency identification technology (RFID) with the launch of a multiple licensing agreement.

The RFID Consortium has been established as a one-stop shop for patents essential to the practice of RFID standards. Under the agreement, all patents owned by participants will be made available to interested companies via a single licence. An independent expert evaluates each patent before it can be included in the portfolio.

‘The licence should reduce litigation risks, encourage market entry, and help speed up widespread adoption of the technology,’ says David Poole, spokesperson for the RFID Consortium and former Vice President for patents at Zebra Technologies, based in Vernon Hills, USA.

‘The agreement should dramatically reduce the burden that patent holders face in identifying potential licensees, negotiating arrangements, and collecting royalties. Companies can then concentrate on making great products instead of dealing with the intricacies of multiple patents.’

The Consortium expects to offer the licence early this year following a review by the United States Department of Justice, and is currently calling for companies to submit patents for evaluation.


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