Materials World January 2020

Welcome back to Materials World after a much-deserved break. If the new year has left you looking for a fresh start, perhaps returning to work after a long leave of absence, turn to page 21 for this month’s Professional Development Q&A which focuses on just that. For advice on how to re-enter the workplace after a career break, regardless of the reasons behind it, go to page 23 where we discuss the various schemes and support programmes available, and hear from people who successfully made the leap.

In features, we kick off the first issue of 2020 with a look at transport and engineering - from new technologies and materials, to the testing processes and energy systems behind them. Taking in land, sea and sky, we cover HydroFLEX – a project combining hydrogen fuel cell and battery technologies to support electrification of the UK’s rail networks. Next is the shipping industry, where we find out how better analysis of composite joints is helping to lightweight maritime vessels while maintaining performance, then look at the complexities of the steel supply chain. And in aerospace, we consider ultra-high-temperature ceramics that could dramatically reduce flight durations.

We also hear about solid-state batteries, molecular plasma adhesives, and the rapid growth of mining in Panama.

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Ceri Jones, Editor

News this issue:

Protecting military dogs' hearing with flexible materials

Reducing tissue growth around pacemakers

New turbine oil improves efficiency

Eliminating cracks in 3D printed metal

Controlling heat with ceramic nanotubes

24/7 device that captures and stores solar energy

Flexible glass that can bend without breaking

Packaging company implements fully-traceable polymers in sugar packaging

Advancing conductivity in coating for touchscreens

Absorbing carbon dioxide with microporous hybrid foam

Drexel University analyses the use nanomaterials for future energy storage

New testing for materials in space

Tackling lung disease in quarries

Oil industry round up

Flushing the system

Carbon-fibre train bogies

Patent of the Month - Energy recovery for a vehicle exhaust system

Features this issue:

Solid-state batteries

Assessing composite joints on ships

Steel supplies for ships

Plasma as a chemistry delivery method

High-temperature composites for aerospace

Panama’s growing mining economy

Spotlight – How to use piezo actuators for microscopy

Q&A with Natalie Desty from STEM Returners

Returning to work after a career-break, where to go for help?

Material Marvels: The Vespa

A hydrogen-powered train

Making self-driving industrial machines