Materials World January 2018

 Crossrail – One of the Crossrail tunnel boring machines

Welcome to 2018. The Materials World team hopes you enjoyed the Christmas break. 

You might be puzzled by the appearance of the magazine cover. Well, for us at the Institute, the year 2017 ended with a start – the launch of a new design for the inside and outside of the magazine. 

We spent considerable time deciding how we wanted Materials World to look. It was clear that we wanted bring back cover lines to give you an immediate overview of what kind of articles you will find in the edition. Secondly, the magazine designers looked at the rest of the magazine to see what else could be improved. They ended up making its design a bit lighter, fresher and clearer, adding matching coloured lines and backgrounds to the features section of the magazine to show that they are part of the issue’s theme. 

Speaking of the themes – while we chose to prominently present the respective month’s features theme on the cover, don’t worry. This doesn’t mean we limit our reporting to the elected subject area. You will always find a diverse spectrum of articles in each edition – and you are welcome to get in touch with suggestions.  

We hope you enjoy reading and examining it and we look forward to hearing your feedback. Happy New Year!


News this issue:

The value of additive manufacturing

Boosting steel efficiency

A smarter outfit

Looking deeper for gold

A beautiful mess

Diamond celebrates 10th anniversary

New theory on Chernobyl origin

Catapult connects UK to Chinese offshore wind

Recovering precious metals from nuclear waste

Stop the pirates

Improved additive manufacturing for superalloys

How smart packaging works

Imaging 17th century art

Felted nanotubes form strong networks

Features this issue:

Spotlight – A snapshot of additive manufacturing

Spotlight – Additive Manufacturing

Q&A – Peter Winebloom

Let’s get technical

Material Marvels: Tame the river