Materials World December 2019

It’s the last issue of 2019 and, naturally, a time to reflect. Over the past 12 months we have seen some big changes both to Materials World and to IOM3. The Institute started the year with a new President and CEO, along with a refreshed mission to support the transition to more intelligent and efficient materials lifecycles. There was the launch of the digital library, and the start of a new member service platform which will come to fruition in early 2020. IOM3 also celebrated its 150th anniversary year with inspiring conferences, seminars and competitions to promote continued innovation in our materials communities.

Meanwhile at MW, we welcomed two new members of staff, switched to more environmentally friendly materials, and broadened our content to include social insights that affect our readers. In the year ahead, we plan to extend this to include thought leadership topics and a wider range of speakers. If you would like to contribute or discuss a project of interest, please get in touch.

Back to the here and now, we are assessing the impact of materials on improving lives. For instance, international organisation Engineers Without Borders supports lifechanging projects in disadvantaged regions. On page 30 you can read how engineering students work on infrastructure programmes, such as energy and construction, to deliver meaningful and long-lasting benefits to communities while gaining valuable experience. We also find out about particle acceleration technology that informed cancer treatment, polymer microfibres to remove water pollution, digital energy management in buildings, and more.

Enjoy the issue and the winter holidays, and we’ll see you in the new year.


Ceri Jones, Editor

News this issue:

Understanding nature's toughest material

Vale to use artificial intelligence at its nickel mine

Scanning the Earth with Lidar technology

Capturing sulphur to make it useful

Offshore wind energy – an outlook

A flexible implant could lead to better hearing

Steam cracking plastic to transform the waste system

Rockwool warns government HPL cladding and its testing

Implementing safer mining practices to reduce lead poisoning

Integrating digitisation and cybersecurity in mines

Composite metal foam proves itself against aluminium for aerospace

Cooling the sintering process in ceramic production for carbon reduction

A new pier has opened for a comfortable commute

BHP switches to renewable energy

Gold and climate change

Get talking – Acid mine drainage

Magnesium alloys for implants

Features this issue:

Composite arrows of Kalahari Desert

Spotlight: How to… simulate and optimise debinding processes

Spotlight: How to… do mechanical testing on very small components

Materials for plasma facing components in fusion technology

Maximising success in UK composites

Fred Starr recollects...

Material Marvels – The lifecycle of the Christmas tree

Proton beam therapy

Engineers Without Borders 2018 design challenge winners

Mining report: Kenya Vision 2030 opens mining opportunities

Window sensors, digital twin, improve energy systems

Mining, construction wastewater filtered with fibres