Materials World August 2018

This month’s magazine features focus on materials engineering developments in medicine – for example, a polymer patch to improve oral drug delivery or a hydrogel contact lens that protects the cornea and reduces the risk of infection. One of our contributors depicts the use of additive manufacturing in medicine that aims to make healthcare more accessible to low-income patients. Another article deals with the challenges involved in building and maintaining a biobank – a place where tissue samples of humans are stored for use in future research. 

You’ll also find features on mining in Lesotho, recovering gold from old smartphones, and sustainability in the construction industry in this edition, so hopefully there is something of interest to everyone.

Which brings me to our reader survey – thank you to those of you who have already responded to it. If you haven’t, please visit the following link to tell us what you enjoy about the magazine and what topics you would like to read about in future:

We also always look for suggestions for our Materials Marvels section, so maybe you have an idea of what materials feat you would like us to write about. Happy reading!

Ines Nastali, Editor


News this issue:

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The Martian rock

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Alchemy and materials science

Have we found a successor for TNT?

New technique for dating ancient skeletons

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Splitting the water atom

Making a new nickel

Features this issue:

Material Marvels: The chase

How to... find opportunities in collaborative automation

How to... research the ocean floor with automation