Materials World reader survey results

Materials World magazine
24 Sep 2013

In early 2013, we asked you to tell us what you think about the magazine. A lot of you got in touch with plenty of feedback. The magazine team has thoroughly digested it all and considered how best to implement the changes you’d like to see. Below is a round-up of what you told us – and what we’re doing differently as a result.

You said: You wanted more features and focus on mining content, especially processes and materials.

We say: The range of articles and number of pages dedicated to mining and minerals is increasing.

At the same time, the team is developing and broadening the content, sourcing additional contributors and attending more events. If you have any ideas or suggestions for content, we’d love to hear from you.

But you also said: Some of you told us that there is too much mining.

We say: While there will be a wider, more varied selection of articles as detailed above, we have also increased the number of pages allocated to news and features on other topics, to ensure the balance for those not interested in mining or materials applications in the sector are catered for proportionately.

You said: You want to see more focus on professional development and career-focused editorial.

We say: From the November issue, our bi-monthly professional development section will grow in pages – more than doubling in size to bring you a wider range of career advice, peer-to-peer insight and professional development tips.

You said: Materials World helps you plan conference attendance.

We say: The team is providing details of more conferences, further in advance than ever before.

You said: You want to see more news and features.

We say: While the regular sections such as books and diary dates are popular, most of you want to see more news and read more features. Each issue of the magazine now has more dedicated space for features and more comment and news stories than before. Look out for our new online news stories, too. And don’t forget that we live tweet from, and blog about, events and what’s in the news, bringing you stories that won’t fit in the magazine before the print edition lands on your doormat.

You said: The technical level of the magazine is ‘about right’ (76% of respondents). But 21% of you wanted more technical detail.

We say: It’s great to hear we’re getting the pitch of articles about right – but the team will look to source additional content to meet the needs of those wanting a deeper technical understanding, as well as suggesting further reading or content where possible.

You said: The magazine is slow to arrive abroad.

We say: Although posted at the same time as the UK copies, the intricacies of international postage do delay delivery of the magazine abroad. All features and main news stories are live on the IOM3 website soon after publication to bridge the gap before delivery of the print edition.

You said: The focused article on one material each month (material of the month) is very valuable.

We say: At either end of the reader age demographic – those in education and those in retirement – there was a high level of interest in the material focuses. In 2014 we will offer an exciting, diverse range of materials in focus to appeal to as many readers as possible.

You said: You’d like more crossover of materials into hobby or leisure applications, rather than all industrial or academic.

We say: Watch out for the August 2014 issue, which is themed around materials in sport and leisure.

You said: There need to be more articles on polymers and rubber.

We say: Although we try to balance the differing interests of our readers, we don’t always get it right. The team is working hard to source more articles and news stories in these areas.

You said: You want links to references used in articles and an annual index of features.

We say: Wherever relevant and possible, we are already including weblinks to additional content, resources and original papers. We will run an index in the December issue – please let us know if you find it helpful.

You say: More stories from members and local activities, please.

We say: The Institute News section is reserved precisely for this kind of content. If you are involved with a board, division or local society, timely reports and stories are very welcome. Please contact Viki Taylor to find out how to get involved (see page 1 for details).

Who is the average Materials World reader?
IOM3 Member.

MIMMM (41%).


Lives in the UK (79%).

Works in R&D (31%).

Interested in materials testing (44%).

Uses social media (51%).