London Materials Society Schools' Event

London Materials Society
21 Jun 2010

The London Materials Society (LMS) heldits 8th annual Schools' Event this June at the RAF Museum inColindale.

Pupils and teachers from the Warren School in Barking and Dagenhambegan the day with a rocket-building activity, designed todemonstrate the principles of aeronautics in a hands-on fashion. In a practicalworkshop that spoke directly to the National Curriculum in both Science andDesign and Technology, we were encouraged to think about how the rocket designs would affect forces of lift, drag and gravitational pull, and to weighup the pros and cons of using strong or lightweight construction materials.

Then came the most exciting bit; launching the rockets using anelectrically-controlled compressed air launcher. Some of the most successful creationstravelled an impressive 10 metres, hitting the back wall or getting lodged inthe rafters. 

After lunch, the students explored the Aeronauts Interactive Centre, which has over 40 experimentsto help visitors learn about flight, covering topics such as air resistance,friction, circuits and G-Force. The pupils were also given the chance to explore the RAFMuseum’s vast collection of historic aircraft.

The next LMSSchools' Event will take place on 30 June 2011 (venue TBC). Formore information, email Priya Pavan.