Spider Webs and Silks

17 Jan 2019

London Materials Society Lecture

Yue Jin Oh

Spiders are everywhere and though some people may fear them, their webs and silks have been objects of human fascination for millennia. They are ancient creatures and fantastic engineers, able to utilise their silks - which have a variety of fascinating properties - in various ways to suit their habitat and lifestyle. Consequently, spiders are one of the most successful group of organisms on the planet, spanning almost every corner of the Earth. This talk will serve as an introduction to the wonderful world of spiders and the silks they spin, including what silks are, how spiders utilise them in nature, and some of their mechanical properties. The talk will also briefly cover potential applications and technological advances made possible from the study and use of silks.



5.45pm - Tea/Coffee
6.30pm - Lecture
7.30pm - Buffet

Venue and booking

Event Location: 
The Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining
297 Euston Road
United Kingdom
Contact details: 

Patrick Pryce


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