Steel Heroes - Prof. Sir Harshad (Harry) Bhadeshia



  • 1953 – present
  • Fellow of the Royal Society 1998
  • Royal Society Armourers & Brasiers' Company Prize
  • Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering   2002
  • Foreign Fellow of the Indian National Academy of Engineering 2004
  • Bessemer Gold Medal 2006
  • Honorary Member of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan 2010
  • Knight Bachelor in the Queen's 2015 Birthday Honours 2015
  • Adolf Martens Medal, Germany 2017
  • Membre d'Honneur de la SF2M 2017
  • Foreign Fellow, The National Academy of Sciences, India 2018


Bulk nanostructured steel with a scale finer than carbon nanotubes, now produced in tonnage quantities


He has done important work on the theory of solid state phase transformations, in particular the prediction and verification of microstructural development in multicomponent steels.

He has made a major contribution to the understanding of the complex bainitic transformation by developing and using thermodynamic theory to show that different modes of transformation have measurable influences on final microstructure.

He has also used theory to design novel steels which should be resistant to wear and impact deformation, work that has helped in large-scale manufacture of new rail steels.

A similar approach has led him to produce a model for the microstructure of the fusion zone of steel welds, which is now widely used in research laboratories and in industry.

He is the author of the sole textbook on the bainitic transformation in steels.

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