The Iron & Steel Society
28 Sep 2017

The Iron and Steel Society (ISS) Board of IOM3 wish to improve communications within the iron and steel `community` and are in the process of revising its website, making it more user-friendly and increasing the scope for more up-to-date and varied content. As part of this process we will publish a newsletter after each Board meeting, highlighting the main topics discussed, producing a regular news item from a Board member, and inviting feedback, comments on potential future activities, and so on. Our `webmaster` is Chris Melvin of Tata Steel.

This is newsletter no. 2, following the Board meeting on 13th Sept 2017 in the Active Classroom at Swansea University's £450 million Bay Campus. The Active Classroom click here… SPECIFIC s latest full-scale building demonstration project, which has been designed to test and prove the buildings as power stations by enabling them to generate, store and release their own energy. It was very interesting to appreciate the developments taking place in this area, given the ever increasing emphasis on reducing the UK`s carbon footprint. Demonstration at a building scale is vital in evaluating and proving techniques and technologies, before they will be adopted by the construction sector, regulators and consumers

(SPECIFIC is an academic and industrial consortium led by Swansea University with BASF, NSG Pilkington, Tata Steel and Cardiff University as strategic partners.)

One new member attended his first meeting; Andy Dunsmore, formerly of Tata Steel.

Residuals conferences  Good progress is being made in the organisation of these conferences, with the first event planned at Warwick University in Oct 2018. The topics covered will include scrap processing, impact on steelmaking(both EAF and BOF), and effect on steel microstructure, processing and properties.

Dr. Richard Thackray of Sheffield University is the conference organising chair.

Nov 10th 2017 is a key event in our calendar. Sheffield will be the venue for the 2017 Steel Division awards, the Bessemer Gold medal award winner John Speer's lecture,  Bessemer Masterclass and annual dinner, all at Cutlers' Hall, Church Street, Sheffield, S1 1HG.

Dr. Geoff Hale  is our main organiser of this event. Further information is available by this link… or from Geoff.

The focus for the 2017 Master Class will be steel product development, with cross-organisational teams addressing scenarios from end-user companies and/or related organisations, who will provide a brief specification reflecting steel property and product attributes required for a current or future steel application.  The sectors involved will be aerospace, automotive, construction, materials processing, nuclear and rail.

2019 is the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Iron and Steel Institute, one of the precursors to IOM3. Work on the planning of the various events to celebrate this major milestone are progressing, with key project topics and leads agreed.  These events will celebrate steel, a material without which the modern world would not exist and, hopefully, leave a lasting legacy for coming generations.

Here is a flavour of some of the events being planned.

 Exhibition to be held at IOM3 Euston road, London.

Celebratory book (including an APP for electronic access) compiled highlighting by some 150 stories about steel and other materials. The project lead is  Board Chair Mick Steeper.

Alloy development conference  Led by Peter Morris, this will be a premier event in the 2019 calendar based on the following outline:

  1. The starting point will be the state-of-the-art at the time of the Iron and Steel Institute’s 100th anniversary in 1969.
  2. Papers will be invited to describe the major advances in the understanding of the relationship between microstructure and properties from 1969 to the present day and how these have been applied in the development of new alloys.
  3. Parallel developments in microstructural characterisation techniques.
  4. The current state of knowledge will be reviewed and important problems identified which need to be solved to allow further improvements in our understanding.
  5. Conference dinner

A second conference  dealing with characterisation of steels is also planned, led by Dr. Cameron Pleydell-Pearce  of Swansea University. 

 Two related and relevant questions to be addressed are: How has steel development been affected by characterisation techniques used, and how have techniques been affected by steel developments? The detail is being worked on but will include developments over last 50 years, crystals, precipitates, phase identification and transformation products.

A 1 ½ day conference including a laboratory visit is planned and is expected  to include sponsorship opportunities and an exhibition.

Photo competition   This is being led by Geoff Hale with the following broad outlines:

  1. Theme – “Steel in My Life”
  2. There will be as few stipulations as possible on what can be covered.
  3. It will be an international competition open to all.
  4. The need for an expert judging panel  was agreed
  5.  Where possible, the winning images should be considered for the cover of Ironmaking and Steelmaking and/or other Institute publications.
  6. This project will commence in 2018 so that the winner`s images can be used during 2019.

Educational activity  This is in the early stages of development and will be led by Kate Harrison of IOM3. It could include a lecture tour/including demos based on ‘A world without steel’. Involvement of Local Materials Societies is expected.

Additionally the computer-based `steel challenge` linked to the World Steel Association`s annual competition for students and industry employees will be extended to include 6th form students. IOM3 will provide prizes in a number of categories.

Special editions of Ironmaking and Steelmaking/Steel World  will be produced, striking a balance between looking back at what has been achieved and looking ahead to the future, with additional keynote editorials delivered throughout 2019 by key business and academic figures aiming to develop particular themes.

Journal editor Norrie McPherson   is project lead.


Dr David Price , ISS Board Secretary