Electric Steelmaking Online Seminar: Environment and Society

18 Nov 2020
Free Zoom Webinar

This is the second in a series of free webinars that seek to highlight the issues that will be addressed at the European Electric Steelmaking Conference to be held
13 -14th September 2021 at the Diamond Centre University of Sheffield, UK.

This free online seminar will provide a an opportunity to hear from leading voices within the Steel Industry regarding key issues facing the sector. 

You'll hear from:

  • Louis Brimcombe, Chairman, British Standards Committee on Sustainable Performance, Consumption and Production (SCP/1)
  • Alan Scholes, Chief Technology Officer, Materials Processing Institute

Session Details

Environment and Society: The Sustainability Challeng
Louis Brimacombe, Chairman, British Standards Committee on Sustainable Performance, Consumption and Production (SCP/1)

This will look at the global challenges such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals which includes addressing climate change .

Societal Challenges:  This will address how the steel industry is addressing the issues of Health, safety and wellbeing.
Alan Scholes, Chief Technology Officer, Materials Processing Institute 

Safety of our staff and operations and the control of our process emissions are fundamental within our role in today’s society as responsible manufacturers.  This talk will stress their importance to the agenda of any industry conference. Key aspects and thinking on both operational and process safety will be addressed.  Has the current pandemic given us opportunities to re-think working practices, social interactions and well-being beyond simple operational safety?  How have the expectations of modern society changed and how will this affect future thinking within the industry?


Alan Scholes
Chief Technology Officer, Materials Processing Institute  

Alan is the Chief Technology Officer the Materials Processing Institute.  The Institute develops new technologies, primarily for the steel and metals industries, in the areas of decarbonisation, circular economy, advanced materials and digital technologies.  Alan’s background encompasses over 30 years of research in the steel sector, particularly for liquid steelmaking and casting where he has worked internationally developing and implementing new processes on a variety of steel plants. 

He has a strong interest in both operational and process safety and environmental impact based on knowledge of both existing processes and the challenges associated with process change. 

Louis Brimacombe
Chairman, British Standards Committee on Sustainable Performance, Consumption and Production (SCP/1)

Louis is a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, commonly known as IOM3, and he is a chartered Chemical Engineer. He is currently Chairman of the IOM3’s, Sustainable Development Group, a group with members across all materials sectors, supply chains and markets, and which also tries to unravel the complexities of trying to achieve ‘sustainability’ in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

He spent 35 years in the steel industry, the last 15 years of which as Head of Environmental Technology at Tata Steel, leading a research team which made cost effective environmental improvements for both the manufacturing processes and new product development areas.  Louis is an experienced assessor of applications for funding grants for new and innovative research projects submitted to the UK Government Innovate UK competitions.

In 2014, he was awarded the Sir Robert Hadfield Medal by IOM3 and he delivered the Bessemer Master Class in 2014 and again in 2018. More recently (in 2020) he has been appointed Chairman of the British Standards Committee on Sustainable Performance, Consumption and Production (SCP/1).

Event Details

When: Wednesday 18 November, 14:00 - 15:00 GMT
Where: Online Zoom Webinar
Cost: Free

All registrants will receive a copy of the presentation and a link to the on-demand recording. 

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Free Zoom Webinar
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