08:30 Registration and networking

Session 1

09:40 Welcome & Introduction: Lee Harper

09:45 Keynote: John McQuilliam,Chief Engineer, Prodrive Composites Ltd

10:30 Poster sessions, coffee and networking

Morning Concurrent Sessions

Session 2: Design for Manufacture via Validated Simulation        

Chair: Dr Andreas Endruweit

Neoklis Traiforos: An experimental investigation and modelling of the factors contributing to spring-in of composite L-shape structures

Nithya Sindhe Narayana Rao:
Digital process chain for thermoplastic structural components with local unidirectional reinforcements for aerospace applications

Minh Hoang Luong:
Deep learning-based predictions of process parameters for thick composites laminates manufacturing

Louise Brown:
Automatic generation of predictive models for optimisation of complex 3D woven structures


Session 3: Inspection and in-process evaluation

Chair: Prof John Summerscales

Sangeethsivan Sivakumar: Study and analysis on carbon fibre tow damage during preform manufacturing

Stefan Neunkirchen: Spectroscopic monitoring of prepreg properties

Christopher Holmes: Integrated in-process sensing and evaluation for high value composite assets using novel flat optical fibres

Pedro Galvez-Hernandez: In-situ CT of out-of-autoclave composites manufacturing processes


12:20  Lunch, posters and networking


Session 4    

Chair: Prof Janice Barton                                      

13.30    Industry Presentation from Joe Elford, Head of Engineering, McLaren Automotive Ltd

Afternoon Concurrent Sessions

Session 5: Automated Fibre Placement     

Chair: Dr Eddie Archer

Duc Nguyen: In-process detection and automatic response to AFP deposition defects

Shimin Lu: A model-based feed-forward force control strategy for Automated Dry Fibre Placement (ADFP) on complex tools

Arthur Levy: Development of a lab scale in-situ characterisation bench for deconsolidation of high temperature thermoplastic composites

Session 6: Energy reduction for more sustainable manufacturing 

Chair: Han Zhang

Matt Collinson: Low power curing of composites using direct electric cure for aerospace applications

James Uzzell: Parametric modelling tool for inductive processing of conventional and functionalised preforms

Anagnostis Samanis: Real-time identification of material properties and process parameters for induction manufacturing of composites

15:00 Poster sessions, coffee and networking

Afternoon Concurrent Sessions

Session 7: Complex structures and assemblies        

Chair: Dr Oriol Gavalda Diaz

Henri Perrin:
Co-curing process optimisation for hybrid thermoset/thermoplastic composite joining

Arjun Radhakrishnan
: Semi-curing of thermoset composite elements for assembly of large composite structures

Laura Rhian Pickard
: Manufacturing of pultruded rod based hierarchical composite structural members

Session 8: Rapid processing technologies              

Chair: Dr Connie Qian

Andrew Mills:
Wet compression moulding process development for high rate, complex shape automotive structures

Hao Yuan
: Process characterisation for high-rate compression moulding of hybrid-architecture composites

Mourad Nachtane
: Bending behavior analysis and multi-scale modeling of recycled (glass/PA66 woven fabric) strand reinforced thermoplastic composites

16:30 End of conference.

* Posters will be on display during refreshment breaks
**Programme subject to change