A Material Challenge will be a completely virtual event. We look forward to welcoming many regular and new delegates to engage with us online through a fully interactive, virtual conference experience, with emphasis on delivering the exceptional engagement, networking and knowledge exchange between our remote participant.

As the global network for the materials cycle, promoting sustainability in the extraction, processing and use of materials across all sectors, IOM3 has a leading role to play in supporting professionals in materials, minerals, mining and associated technical disciplines to become heroes of the transition to a low-carbon, resource efficient society, not villains.

2021 is an important year as the UK moves to a low-carbon and resource-efficient society, culminating in the COP26 Climate Summit in November.  As part of its commitment to helping build momentum on this effort, throughout 2021 IOM3 is organising a series of events, podcast and editorial content on the theme of 'Sustainable Future'.

This one-day seminar is aimed at Directors, Senior Managers, Technical Professionals, Investors and Financiers who would like to learn more about how existing oil and gas technology, knowledge and resource can be redeveloped and repurposed for a net zero future.

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After attending this event participants will understand:

1. The need for Hydrogen and Carbon Capture and Storage in the journey to Net Zero.

2. Material challenges confronting the energy transition.

3. Transferable technology and skills from the oil & gas industry to a world class Net-Zero energy workforce.

For further information regarding this event contact:
IOM3 Events
+44 (0)20 7451 7303