• Dr AC Taylor, Imperial College London (Chair)
  • Mr S Millington, ARTIS 
  • Prof RD Adams, Oxford University 
  • Prof JG Broughton, Oxford Brookes University
  • Dr RA Chivers, Consultant
  • Dr J Comyn, Consultant
  • Prof GW Critchlow, Loughborough University
  • Prof AD Crocombe, University of Surrey
  • Dr L Humphries, F Ball and Co
  • Dr EJC Kellar, TWI
  • Prof AJ Kinloch, Imperial College London
  • Dr JM Lane, Wessex Resins & Adhesives
  • Mr JD Palmer, JP Consultancy
  • Prof SJ Shaw, Loughborough University 
  • Dr DA Tod, QinetiQ


Adhesion & Adhesives Group

A forum for professionals to gain information, knowledge and an understanding of all aspects of adhesion and adhesive technologies and processes.

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