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This virtual event, the second such conference, the first being in 2018, will be held over two consecutive afternoons will provide a forum for the exchange of information, knowledge and state-of-the-art practice in camouflage science and technology.    

The scope follows three main themes:

  • Materials science & technology for camouflage
    To engage with scientists from fields including materials, optics, biology and cognition.
  • Camouflage engineering & systems
    To engage with developers, manufactures & suppliers of camouflage systems, including activities to model and evaluate camouflage performance.
  • Holistic camouflage including deception
    To review all aspects of camouflage and signature management systems, from the basic science to the end-user in the field.

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Hiding in plain sight

Defining what modern camouflage means in 2020 – and citing its evolution – members of the IOM3 Defence, Safety and Security Committee outline the properties and performance of materials that help soldiers avoid detection and ultimately protect their lives.

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