Taking the Pain Out of Packaging Data


In the second of a series focussing on Packaging Data, this webinar will investigate how to take the pain out of packaging data and how we can make the most of the opportunities that understanding our data can bring us.


Legislation is requiring more and better data than the packaging sector has ever had to supply. The first webinar in the series brought data experts from HMRC and Defra together to talk about the data reporting for packaging Extended Producer Responsibility and the Plastic Packaging Tax.

This second webinar looks at a new Open Data Standard (Open 3P), a free to access/use industry-led standard designed to help reduce the administrative burden of data reporting for compliance, facilitate and speed up routine supply chain data requests and unlock the wider benefits of better and standardised data.

This is a joint event with a project funded by UK Research & Innovation’s Smart Plastic Packaging Challenge, with partners Dsposal (waste/recycling industry), Ecosurety (Packaing Compliance Scheme), Open Data Manchester (not-for-profit promoting responsible data practices and Open Data), OPRL (industry on-pack recycling labels body) and RECOUP (RECOUP is a charity and authority providing expertise and guidance across the plastics recycling value chain)



Welcome and introduction

  • Jude Allan, IOM3 Packaging Group Chair

What is the Open 3P Data Standard? 

  • Sophie Walker, CEO, Dsposal

What does it mean for businesses?

  • Rob Thompson, Packaging Manager, Co-op Food
  • Talia Goldman, ESG Manager, Colpac Ltd
  • Jamie Riley, Divisional Sustainability Manager, Berry Superfos

The bigger picture and wider value chain benefits

  • Steve Morgan, Head of Policy & Infrastructure, RECOUP
  • Roger Wright, Waste Strategy & Packaging Manager, Biffa

Q&A with all speakers

  • Chaired by Margaret Bates, Managing Director, OPRL Ltd

Who should attend?

Stakeholders from across the UK packaging sector (FMCG, construction, healthcare packaging etc) including those responsible for design, procurement, regulatory compliance and data management.

Government policy officials and UK environment regulators.

Why attend:

It is an important topic for the packaging value chain, and this is the first time that a consistent, non-proprietary way to collate and share data has been developed that can be accessed and used by everyone in the value chain.

Presentations will cover:

1. An overview and introduction to a new Open Data Standard that has been developed by and for the packaging industry, for all common packaging materials, including glass, metals, paper, fibre-based composites and wood.

2. Key stakeholders from different parts of the packaging value chain will explain how the data framework provided by the standard can help those involved in manufacturing, selling, and recycling packaging to easily and cost-effectively collate and share ‘standardised’ packaging data through the supply chain, as well as with regulators and government agencies to comply with current and forthcoming environmental legislation on packaging Extended Producer Responsibility.

3. The webinar will conclude with an offer of future workshops to demonstrate the platform and/or a future webinar building on the bigger picture opportunities around data

Attendees will gain understanding of:

1. What an Open Standard is and how the Open 3P standard for packaging has been developed for and with the sector.

2. How different stakeholders perceive the value of the Standard and the benefit to their business of a consistent approach to data

3. The wider sectoral and sustainability benefits that can be realised with better and more sharable data