TAGSI–FESI Symposium 2024

TAGSI (UK Technical Advisory Group on the Structural Integrity of high integrity plant) and FESI (UK Forum for Engineering Structural Integrity) are pleased to announce the date of their jointly-held symposium on 'Future Challenges for Structural Integrity of High Integrity Components', to be held on April 17, 2024 at the Holiday Inn (Central), 25 Aytoun Street, Manchester M1 3AE, UK. The hotel is offering attendees a discounted room rate of £159.

As with previous, similar events over recent years, the symposium will provide talks from leading experts in the nuclear industry.  The symposium aims to provide an overview of how structural integrity developments can be used to help ensure a safe, yet competitive, nuclear industry.

Confirmed speakers include: Dr Steve Garwood (TAGSI), Dr Paul Howdle (Rolls-Royce SMR Ltd), Dr Anthony Horn (Jacobs), Dr Paul Woollin (TWI), Dr Peter James (Jacobs), Professor Bob Ainsworth (TAGSI), and Professor Peter Flewitt (University of Bristol and FESI).

Please follow for the event flyer containing details on the programme.


Before 31 December, 2023 £275.00 + VAT £225.00 + VAT £110.00 + VAT
1 January–March 22, 2024 £330.00 + VAT £270.00 + VAT £130.00 + VAT
23 March–16 April, 2024 £395.00 + VAT £325.00 + VAT £155.00 + VAT