Sustainability in Materials Engineering

 Launch event of the IOM3-ASM Partnership


13:55 Join

14:00 Welcome & Introductions
Dr Emma Wilcox CEnv FIMMM - Chair, IOM3 Sustainable Development Group

14:05 Setting the Scene
Mr Neil Glover FREng CEng FIMMM - President, IOM3
Dr Judith Todd FASM - President, ASM

14:15 An introduction & Sustainability
Dr Colin Church CEnv FIMMM- Chief Executive, IOM3
Ryan Milosh - ASM

14:25 Life Cycle Thunking in a Materials Engineering Context
Dr John Wolodko - Alberta Innovates Strategic Chair in Bio, University of Alberta
Over the past decade, there has been an escalating demand by consumers for “sustainable” or “environmentally friendly” products. But what exactly does “sustainability” really mean from a materials engineering perspective? This presentation explores the topic by looking at the drivers for sustainable design and factors that affect materials selection. Various materials classes are analyzed in the context of their life-cycles, and ways how for quantifying “green” options are examined

14:45 TBC
Dr Michael Clinch CEng FIMMM - Chair, IOM3 Technology Communities Board

15:05 Q&A Session

15:25 Closing remarks

15:30 End