Packaging Data – it’s reporting time for pEPR


In this webinar, IOM3 will be joined by Defra officials to help you to navigate your way through registration and reporting.



It’s reporting time for pEPR – the deadline for submitting 2023 packaging data is the end of this month.

In this webinar, IOM3 will be joined by Defra officials to help you to navigate your way through registration and reporting.

Wherever you are in the process, if you’ve started, stumbled or struggling to finish, this webinar can help you to understand what you need to do.

We will cover:

  • The need for timely and accurate data
  • How to register your business on the digital service
  • What data you should be collecting and how to report it
  • The deadlines for reporting
  • The role of Compliance Schemes
  • Where you can get help


The presentation will be followed by a Q&A where Defra will be able to answer questions on pEPR registration and data reporting. To help ensure your questions get answered as fully as possible, please submit during registration.



Jude Allan: Chair, IOM3 Packaging Group & Interim Managing Director, OPRL

Jude is the Chair of the IOM3 Packaging Group and the Interim Managing Director of OPRL, On Pack Recycling Label, she is materials agnostic and passionate about clear communication with the consumer that allows them to confidentially do the right thing when it comes to recycling their packaging.



Peter Collins: Head of Digital, Collection & Packaging Reforms, Defra

Peter is the Head of Digital within the Collection and Packaging Reforms programme in Defra. He is responsible for delivery and ongoing management of the pEPR digital service that underpins the new Extended Producer Responsibility scheme.


Mark Simmons: Deputy Service Owner, Report Packaging Data, Defra

Mark is the Deputy Service Owner for Producer Responsibilities within the wider pEPR service. He’s responsible for setting the strategic requirements on RPD, and ensuring the service aligns with both the relevant legislation and user needs.


Natalie Aldridge: Digital Team Leader, Defra

Natalie is a Digital team lead within Defra and subject matter expert in Extended Producer Responsibility data submission. She is supporting the delivery of the Report Packaging Data service, with a particular focus on assisting users in submitting their data ahead of the deadline.

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