Oxidative leaching, the long journey from paper to a leaching tank webinar

IOM3 has partnered with AusIMM's Metallurgical Society to bring you a webinar series throughout 2022. This first webinar will be presented by Daniel Mallah.

Oxidative leaching is a key step in a number of metallurgical flowsheets, with efficient leaching critical for the success of these facilities. In order for this leaching process to be successful, rigorous testing, piloting and design is typically required. 

This webinar will cover the fundamentals of oxidative leaching, the testing required to design these processes and how the fundamental theory and tests are used to design a successful leaching process.

Examples of successful scale-up to full scale processes will be given.


Daniel Mallah, Senior Metallurgist, Glencore Technology Hide
Daniel is an experienced metallurgist with over 10 years experience in the design and operation of metallurgical plants. He received a Bachelor of Engineering from Laval University in Canada. Since graduating, he has worked in both mineral processing and hydrometallurgy. He is a registered as a Professional Engineer (PE) in British-Columbia. His expertise is in oxidative leaching of metals and sulphides.


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