Opportunities & challenges with e-textiles: creating momentum by new standards


A two-part webinar series exploring the challenges and opportunities with e-textiles and wearable technology.

Smart textiles offer many opportunities, however as an developing technology it is struggling without a coherent ecosystem. This webinar will highlight some of the issues encountered further down the value chain in terms of barriers to market. This unique perspective offers members insight into an emerging aspect of the industry.

Smart Textiles has seen steady interest and growth in the areas of Med Tech, Sports Tech, Heated garments and Wearables especially over the last 8 years. It is an emerging technology that will be central to growth of the Internet of Things, forecasted by IDC to reach 41.6bn devices by 2025. Yet Smart Textiles faces a significant challenge from lack of standard components, high development costs and a scattered supply chain.

Christian and Mili will introduce the Smart Textiles industry, its recent progression and the current opportunities and applications within the sector. They will also discuss how industrial standards have shifted the needle in other industries and propose a similar approach for the Smart Textile sector, thereby giving companies a bigger market share and ensuring a sustainable growth for the Smart Textile industry.


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  • The webinar will be hosted on Zoom
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  • The session will take place 12:00 - 13:30 GMT

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