NMG Lunchtime Seminar Series: Focus on Proteins


You are invited to join us for our monthly virtual event where we will be focusing on Proteins.


The interactive seminar will also provide the opportunity for Questions and Answers and we often hang around at the end for a fun and engaging panel session. 

You will hear from:

Zsofia Kollar  - CEO - Human Material Loop

Transforming hair waste

  • While our own hair atop our heads is precious, once discarded, it often loses its perceived value.
  • Yet, as a rich source of keratin protein, we're leveraging green chemistry at Human Material Loop to transform this waste into a valuable resource for the textile industry.
  • However, beyond chemistry, fostering acceptance of this feedstock involves addressing social, cultural, and economic considerations crucial for sustainable utilization.


Dr Mike HindleyR&T Specialist, Croda Europe Ltd

From Strand to Story: Hair fibre treatment and testing for cosmetic claims

  • As humans, we use our hair as a way to express who we are. Though all essentially made from the same protein material, keratin, hair types vary markedly around the world and we have adopted techniques to further modify the shape, style, appearance and feel of our hair.
  • This has given rise to the cosmetics and personal care industry. Research into hair fibres helps to give an understanding of how to best design, develop and test new materials for use in cosmetic products to protect, repair and care for our hair.


Alex Greenhalgh - CEO at Spintex

Spinning the future

Preliminary agenda

13:00 – Start and greetings
13:05 – Presentations
14:00 – General discussion
14.30 – Close


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