NMG Lunchtime Seminar Series: Focus on Biorefineries


You are invited to join us for our monthly virtual event where we will be focusing on biorefineries.


The interactive seminar will also provide the opportunity for Question and Answers and we often hang around at the end for a fun and engaging panel session. 

You will hear from: 

  • Dr Vijay Thakur MC for the event 

  • Dr Vijai Kumar Gupta on Valorising algal biomass to value-added bioproducts in a circular bioeconomy platform

  • Dr Stefan Ioan Voicu on Cellulose-Based Membrane Materials for Hemodialysis Applications
  • Dr Meisam Tabatabaei on The Need for Transition Toward Biorefineries: A Narrative Based On The Lancet Countdown 2022 Report On Health And Climate Change: “Global Health At The Mercy Of Fossil Fuels"
  • Dr Amir Sheikhi on Hairy cellulose nanocrystals: Overcoming the structural and colloidal limitations of conventional nanocelluloses for ion separation

Preliminary Agenda

13:00 – Start and greetings
13:05 – Presentations
14:00 – General discussion
14.30 – Close

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