NMA Lunchtime Seminars: Focus on Earth Day

22 April 2021 1pm – 2.30pm


You are invited to join us for our monthly virtual event where we will be focusing on Earth Day. This event will explore the amazing materials that nature creates and how natural materials can help us build a more sustainable future.


You will hear from:

  • Sue – will talk about One Planet Living
  • Morwenna – will talk about why we should build with (more) natural materials
  • Chunlin – will talk about wood-based 3D printing inks

What is the NMA?

The Natural Materials Association (NMA) is the first UK body to represent the breadth of natural materials and its primary objective is to raise awareness of innovative uses of natural materials, develop a knowledge exchange between materials scientists, product designers and those in industry and education

If you are interested, want to learn about natural materials and get to know some NMA members, why not register for the event?  We have leading specialists to give us quick and insightful information, these are:

  • Sue Riddlestone, Chief Executive and Co-founder, Bioregional
  • Morwenna Spear, Research Scientist, BioComposites Centre, Bangor University
  • Chunlin Xu, Professor in Renewable Materials Chemistry, Åbo Akademi

The interactive seminar will also provide the opportunity for Question and Answers and we often hang around at the end for a fun and engaging panel session.


13:00 – Start and greetings

13:10 – Sue Riddlestone will speak for 10 minutes on One Planet Living

13:30 – Morwenna Spear will speak for 10 minutes on why we should build with (more) natural materials

13:50 – Chunlin Xu will speak for 10 minutes on wood-based 3D printing inks

14:10 – General discussion (always fun!)

14.30 – Close