Machine Learning in Advanced Sustainable Materials



13:00    Welcome & Introduction, Sergio Gonzalez Sanchez 

13:05    Combining machine learning and automation to accelerate                                  sustainable materials development, Dr. Bryce Meredig 

Dr. Bryce Meredig abstract

13:20    Q&A

13:25    Machine Learning Modeling in Environmental Science and Engineering for               Sustainable Development, Prof. Huichun (Judy) Zhang

Prof. Huichun (Judy) Zhang abstract


13:40    Q&A

13:45    The silver bullet for sustainable materials development, Dr. Gyorgy Szekely

14:00    Q&A

14:05    AI-Driven Autonomous Sustainable Materials Engineering Platforms, Dr.                    Filippos Tourlomousis 

Dr. Filippos Tourlomousis abstract


14:20    Q&A

14:25    Closing comments

14:30    End of webinar