Legacies of mineral extraction and sustainability opportunities

Britain has a long history of mining and mineral extraction. Its legacies are the environmental, social and engineering consequences of completed mining operations, ranging from subsidence and ground movement and unmapped voids to contamination, gas emissions and water flows. In 2000, the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers held a conference to highlight and identify some of these legacies and to discuss methods of restoration and regeneration. 

The purpose of conference is to review events that have changed thinking, improved methods and equipment in the 20-year passage of time. Considering the lessons learned in this period will be used an important addition to discuss creation of sustainable opportunities looking at mining from a cradle to grave. 

Delegates will hear about projects being undertaken to turn the previous mining legacy to the advantage of society and how low carbon, sustainable solutions are being engineered to achieve this. They will also gain an understanding of the standards of mining environmental management expected and achieved today.