Elastomer Group: Industry & Academia Networking Event

If you would like to participate actively in this event as a speaker, please reach out to Mokarram Hossain & Khai Nguyen.   

Join the Elastomer Group Networking Event — a melting pot of innovation and expertise. The aim of our event is to connect industry and academia to solve current challenges that rubber industry are facing now. We strongly encourage those who want to immerse themselves in cutting-edge elastomer advancements and connect with the industry leaders to join us. 


This F2F networking event will feature 15-20 talks of 5 minutes each from representatives in academia and industry. We aim to address the needs and solutions in the world of Elastomers. We will then conclude the event with a drinks reception, providing our delegates with the all important networking opportunities. 

Confirmed participation from University of Oxford, Swansea University, Queen Mary University of London, Nottingham University, University of Lincoln, Queen's University Belfast, University of Glasgow, Warwick University, Sheffield University

Key takeaways:

  1. Find out the current challenges that the rubber industry are facing
  2. Opportunities to provide solutions to those challenges
  3. Connect with the key stakeholders/ companies in the rubber industry
  4. Meet with the key academic experts in rubber-like materials


13:00 - Welcome Address & Start of Presentations
14:30 - Networking Coffee Break
15:00 - Presentations Resume
16:00 - Networking Drinks Reception (beer/ wine/ soft drinks)
17:00 - Close of Event

Overview of the programme:

  • Experimental challenges of rubbers
  • Sustainability and circular economy for rubbers
  • Computational modelling challenges of rubbers
  • Self-healing chemistry of rubbers
  • Smart applications of rubbers (stretchable sensors, wearables devices, actuators, soft robotics, energy harvesters etc)

Examples of target audience: 

  • Rubber-like materials: Experimentalists, synthesis experts, computational modellers and applications of elastomers
  • Tire industry, biomedical industry, fashion industry, smart materials, Rail industry, Aerospace industry
  • Company staff, R&D staff, PhD students & Postdoc, Academic staff


If you would like to participate actively in this event as a speaker, please reach out to Mokarram Hossain & Khai Nguyen.