Decoupling material inputs and growth – Plastics & Packaging

19 January 2021 1pm – 2.30pm


What can plastics learn from the energy transition? What is the materials transition? What would make the plastics value chain truly sustainable?

Join this webinar to hear from a panel of expert speakers as they explore these questions and consider the behaviour of consumers and the technology used in food grade recycling.



13:00   Welcome and Introduction from Jeremy Ramsden, RSG Chairman
13:05   Guy Bailey: The materials transition - what can plastics learn from the energy industry?
13:20   Adam Read: The consumer angle: behavioural aspects of plastic recycling
13:35   Sally Beken: Molecular Stewardship towards a circular economy for plastics packaging
13:50   Edward Kosior: Issues involved and the technology used in food grade mechanical recycling of post-consumer, commonly used plastics including PET, HDPE and PP.
14:05   Q&A Session
14:30   End

What is the RSG?

The mission of the IOM3 Resource Strategy Group a includes finding ways to profitably achieve waste elimination, with the root motivation being the increasing crowdedness of our planet. Virgin material resources—including space—are rapidly diminishing and there is no reason to abandon material resources in today's environment of scarcity. This leads to the "waste hierarchy", in descending order of desirability: generate less > reuse > remanufacture > recycle (the three Rs) » incineration ≈ landfill (the last two should ultimately be completely eliminated).