Decarbonising Cement Production for a Net Zero World

The Sheffield Metallurgical & Engineering Association (SMEA) are pleased to announce their first lecture of the 2023-2024 season which will be delivered by Dr Brant Walker from the University of Sheffield, on 26 September.

Brant is a senior lecturer at Sheffield University and leads the Sustainable Materials at Sheffield research team. Its aim is to drive new advances in the development of materials and processes for sustainable infrastructure, environmental remediation and clean energy. This will enable industry to meet the needs of our society both sustainably and cost-effectively, improving the well-being of our society and environment. It's clear Brant is well qualified to talk on tonight's topic - Decarbonising Cement Production

Cement, the “glue” in concrete, is the durable, waterproof and ubiquitous material upon which modern civilisation is built. In terms of commodity use, concrete is second only to water, and the world produces more than 10 billion tonnes of it each year. Without it, the world as we know it would not exist. Yet the material that underpins almost all modern infrastructure and housing comes with a huge environmental cost. Nearly half of all materials extracted from Earth annually are used in concrete, and if the cement industry were a country it would be the third-largest CO2 emitter in the world, after China and USA. Decarbonising cement production is therefore essential. This lecture explores the economic and environmental impact of cement production, its use in infrastructure and energy industries, and the research that Brant and his team are undertaking at the University of Sheffield to develop low-carbon, sustainable cements for a circular economy.

The lecture is being delivered at the Sheffield Crowne Plaza Victoria Hotel and will run from 1815 to 1915.  Refreshments will be available from 1800 and all are welcome to attend.

Alternatively, if you can't make it in person, you are welcome to attend virtually on Zoom, click the Book Now button for details of how to join.

For more information visit the SMEA homepage or contact the organising team.