Advances in Model-based Control for the Process Industry


IOM3 is pleased to announce that we have a partnership with the various Nordic Country Chambers of Commerce, with a view to offering collaboration of benefit to both parties. To kick this off we are hosting an online fireside chat based around the topic of “Advances in model-based control for the process industry   The discussion will will cross sectors focussing on net-zero/decarbonisation and  process efficiencies in the steel, polymer, light metals and foundation industries.


The key aims of this fireside chat include: 

  • Identifying the main barriers along the path to net-zero and decarbonisation 
  • Highlighting the solutions and best practice to the challenges
  • Sharing and understanding the role of instrumentation and process control in guiding people along this path

Provisional programme:

13:00 - Welcome and introductions - David Arthur, IOM3

13:05 - Dr Peter Singstad of the Norwegian firm Cybernetica AS will open the discussion by giving a tutorial on the topic. Cybernetica offers model predictive control solutions to the process industry world-wide. The tutorial will include examples from the polymer industry, light metals and steel.

13:20 - Fireside chat from our panel discussing the topics, followed by an open floor debate involving the audience.

14:30 - Close of Event


You will hear from:

  • (Finland) - Heli Helaakoski, Research Manager, Cognitive Production Industry, VTT
  • (Norway) - Karly Sjølie, Inovyn
  • (Norway) - Dr Peter Singstad, CEO, Cybernetica AS
  • This session is chaired by David Arthur, IOM3


In Partnership with: