IOM3 Events Calendar

IOM3 organises a range of events that are ideal opportunities for networking as well as finding out the latest state of the art, updating your technical knowledge, or broadening your materials interests.  

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Programmes of events and evening lectures are also organised by our Affiliated Local Societies. Please visit their pages to find out what your local organisation has on offer. Find my local society


Structural Integrity Series - Early Stages of Crack Development in Environment Assisted Cracking

Exploration of the role of the dealloyed layer and corrosion pits as precursors to EAC.

Structural Integrity Series - Regenerating Structural Integrity using Degradable Biomaterials

Investigating the structure and properties of scaffolds for soft- and hard-tissue repair.

Structural Integrity Series - Materials & Structural Integrity Challenges for Offshore Wind Energy Systems

Improving materials to provide longer service, fewer inspections and reduced operational costs.

Structural Integrity Series - On the Fracture Toughness of Biological and Engineering Structural Materials

Investigating the interplay between strength and deformability in materials.