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Picture yourself now as a packaging technologist with responsibility for designing truly recyclable packaging.

PREP Design has created a packaging design tool to help these 'pack techs' to do just that.

PREP simulates the journey of packaging from collection, through sorting and end use and using a form of AI, tells the designer why it is not recyclable so they can alter the design.

There's a lot to learn to become a packaging technologist; PREP helps designers become recycling experts. Home | PREP DESIGN



ProAmpac is a company based all round the world making packaging for pet food, household products, personal products and food on the go as well as much more.

ProAmpac aim to only produce sustainable packaging and specialise in very light weight flexible plastic and cardboard packs.

The key to protecting the planet is to reduce waste and any packaging has to work hard to ensure that a product is delivered to the customer in the best condition and so every one of ProAmpac’s packs is designed to do that.

One of ProAmpacs best known customers in the UK is Pret a Mange and its pretty certain that if you have eaten a sandwich from a supermarket then it will be in one of their boxes.

ProAmpac are very conscious of their responsibility to the environment and have a strong sustainability policy and here is a link to their site.


Futamura Cellulose Films

Futamura Cellulose Films, based in Wigton, UK, is a Japanese-owned company that makes cellulose films for the flexible packaging industry. Wigton is Futamura’s only production site in Europe; however, there are also factories in the USA and Japan, as well as sales offices around the world.

Futamura produces a range of cellulose films under the brand name of NatureFlex™. These films are derived from wood pulp, sourced from sustainably managed plantations. Not only are these materials renewable, they are also certified for both industrial and backyard composting, which means you can put the wrappers in the compost heap with the veg peelings!

NatureFlex™ films come in transparent, white, and metallised versions and have many different properties to help protect a range of products from sweets and snack bars, fresh fruits and vegetables, to tea and coffee products. The films become part of the packaging, labelling or overwrap solution for some of the world’s best-known brands across a wide variety of everyday consumer goods.

Renewable and compostable NatureFlex™ films give brand owners an unparalleled opportunity to speak proudly about their packaging. Follow our website and LinkedIn pages for career opportunities or submit a general application form to join our team.


Waddington Europe

Do you like cookies, cakes, sweets and strawberries? Waddington® Europe is a company that makes bakery, fruit, ready-meals and even pet food packaging. You probably use our products every week and don’t even know it.

The Engineers in our production sites in the UK and Ireland use large thermoforming machines to make packaging for your favorite treats so you can buy them in the store and enjoy them at home. We use recycled materials and always try to find ways to make our packaging with less stuff, reducing waste. We've even earned a landfill-free certification at our production sites.

There are lots of exciting job roles related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths involved in the process of making our packaging. For example, our New Product Development team carry out research and think up new packaging ideas as well as designing initial prototypes using state of the art software.

So, if you're into tasty foods, eye-catching packaging, and a company that's making a positive impact, check out Waddington Europe at



Medoola is a sustainability change maker. We exist to transform packaging supply chains and material efficiency for consumer brands and pharmaceutical products. Our mission is to protect brand equity, people, the planet and profit for the long term in this field. 

Thanks to our global network of experts, we see the bigger picture with experience and objectivity, discovering that there are ways to get results outside the ordinary rules of business. We do this by consulting with our clients, diving deep into data processing and analysis, overseeing process pilots and seeking out innovation and developments that match long-term needs. 

Packaging and material innovation is transforming before our eyes as societies recognise that the planet's natural resources are not infinite. We seek and encourage people, experienced and new, to join our team and work their innovative magic. 

LinkedIn is the best place to see Medoola at its best:



LifeScan’s mission is to make life better for people with diabetes. We make special devices called blood glucose meters, which are like minicomputers for your blood. These devices are really important for people who have diabetes, a condition that affects how their bodies handle sugar.

Imagine you have a video game with a health bar, and you need to keep that bar at just the right level. Well, for people with diabetes, it's kind of like that, but with their blood sugar levels. If their blood sugar gets too high or too low, it can be dangerous. That's where LifeScan's meters come in!

Our meters are sold under the OneTouch brand and allow people with diabetes to check their blood sugar easily to make sure it is in the safe zone.

LifeScan offers many interesting jobs in the STEM disciplines, including Packaging Engineers, who design & test new packaging for all our products.

Care for the environment is particularly important to us,  see the link below for more information.



It’s time to rethink waste.

Biffa is an established leader of sustainable waste management in the UK. We’ve been at the forefront of the UK’s waste industry for the last 100 years, starting up at a time when waste management simply meant taking it away.

Our team of more than 10,800 employees provide unrivalled end-to-end waste and recycling solutions for thousands of businesses and millions of households each day.

Underpinned by our low carbon collection network, we’re at the forefront of enabling the UK circular economy by continuing to build our plastic recycling capacity, investing in energy recovery and growing the amount of surplus produce we redistribute through Company Shop Group.

Our purpose is to change the way people think about waste. We believe that if people and businesses think differently about waste, they will act differently. More will be redistributed, reused, recycled, or recovered – helping to reduce emissions, protect the environment, and support our communities.