Outstanding Service Award winners

IOM3 congratulates the winners of the IOM3 Outstanding Service Awards winners, as listed below.

2021 winners

Alan Dickson FIMMM

Alan Dickson FIMMM

IOM3 Western Australia Branch (IOM3WA)

Martin Tuffs FIMMM

Martin Tuffs FIMMM

East Midlands Materials Society (EMMS)


Dr Barry Job CBE CEng FIMMM WestIMM
Barry's career started in the mining industry in 1965 as an apprenticeship with National Coal Board 1965, working through management positions at a number of collieries. In 1974, Barry became a Senior Lecturer in Mining at Staffordshire Polytechnic where he worked through it becoming Staffordshire University until his retirement in 2006. He joined the North Staffordshire Branch of the Institution of Mining Engineers in 1973 and quickly became a council member. He has continued to support the group which ultimately became the Western Institute of Mining & Minerals (WestIMM). In his broad carer, he has supported many students and profssionals and is a highly respected elder of the mining community in North Staffordshire.


2005 - 2017


Nick Eastwood, MinSouth
After joining MinSouth Council in 2007, Nick became Vice-President in 2010 and President in 2011/2012, during which time he oversaw the CRISCO meeting hosted by MinSouth at IOM3 headquarters in London. He was an active and popular President with a well-attended programme of events, including Wolf Minerals, GFMS, Peter Brett Associates, Digby Wells and the highlight, a presentation on the Chilean Mine Rescue in 2010. At Council and as VP, President and now as a Past President, Nick has been a regular and active attendee and contributor, demonstrating his passion for the industry and especially supporting those that are at the start of their careers. As President of Min South, he always ensured that the available funds were put to the best possible use for the development of the industry and the people within it. He left a strong legacy for his successors.

He has been very active in growing the membership of MinSouth and set up the Student sponsorship scheme in 2012, where he remains on the selection committee. Nick has promoted MinSouth to many mining companies over the last 6 years and obtained financial sponsorship from many. Since the start of this scheme, over £200,000 has been raised and distributed to UK-based students in mining disciplines. He has maintained strong links with CSM, and each year has made a presentation to the students there during which the benefits of joining IOM3 through MinSouth are stressed including the payment of the fees whilst a student member. This has resulted in a steady stream of CSM students joining MinSouth. In 2016 alone, he has encouraged nearly 20 students from CSM to become members of the Institute. Nick supported and represented MinSouth at the 2012 International Mining Games in Cornwall at King Edward Min as MinSouth had sponsored one of the CSM teams.

He has researched, prepared and presented the MinSouth Christmas Mining Quiz for the last 6 years. This has been a popular and well attended highlight of the MinSouth programme and is well attended by students from mining schools, building on the close relationships Nick has developed in this area.

In summary, Nick has been an excellent ambassador for MinSouth and the IOM3 for many years, and continues to contribute strongly as Past President.


Andrew Carp, ICTa NS
Andrew was formerly Chairman of the ICTa North Staffordshire branch (2010 to 2013) and his efforts brought the branch back from the 'in danger' list to being awarded the 2012 Small Local Society of the Year award.

Most recently he has put in a tremendous amount of work into developing and delivering modules for the Heavy Clay Foundation Degree with the University of Derby for the IOM3 ICTa. He also contributes to the educational programme as one of the assignment markers for the Level II Technical Certificates.

Christine Blackmore, WestIMM
Christine has provided focus for the Institute for many years, since joining the WIMM council in 1999, holding the post of Secretary (2006-2011) and President (2011-2015). She has helped to mould the Institute into the vibrant group that it now is along the way collecting the National Local Society of the Year Ward for the WIMM in 2012. From her leadership, we have hosted regional heats of the Young Persons Lecturer Competition and have had joint meetings with the Staffordshire branch of the ICTa and have seen a marked increase in presentation attendees.  

Christine is always very proactive in gaining commitment from presenters for lectures and sponsorship for tables at the Annual Dinner.  She has attended a number of local society meetings at IoM3 in London, and more recently taken on the role of Chair of the Mining Technology Division of IOM3.

Outside of the institute, Christine has also been recognised in the 100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining 2016.

Clive Hallett, MinSouth
It was fitting that Dr Clive Hallett was presented with the OSA by Robert Bacon, the current MinSouth President at the MinSouth local heat of the Young Persons' Lecture Competition on 20 March at the Royal School of Mines. Clive has played a key role in organising this event for many years. Dr Clive Hallett first became active in the activities of the then Southern Counties Branch of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy (IMM) in 2001 when he joined its Council as Honorary Secretary.

During his time as the Honorary Secretary he conducted a survey of Branch members and facilitated discussion at branch level on the merger of the IMM and the Institute of Materials (IOM) to form IOM3. He was elected Branch Vice President in 2002 and President in 2003. During that time, the Branch adopted the name MinSouth and continued to develop to the successful IOM3 large Local Society it has become.

Since his term as President, he has remained a very active member of the MinSouth Council. In particular he has acted as liaison with the students at the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, supporting and assisting them to organise a heat of the Young Persons' Lecture Competition, including encouraging entries from other universities in the region.

In 2011, he took on the role of MinSouth Sponsorship Secretary and attracting and maintaining approximately £5,000 per annum of industry sponsorship, which enables MinSouth to continue its various educational initiatives, including sponsoring undergraduates and paying for student memberships of IOM3.

James Wishart, MIS
In 1968, James joined the Association of Mining Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (AMEME), which subsequently became the Institute of Mining Electrical and Mining Mechanical Engineers (IMEME) in 1983. He became the Honorary Secretary/Treasurer and Benevolent Fund Organiser of the Fife Branch in 1974. As a member of the Steering Committee, he oversaw the merger of the four Scottish Branches. After the merger, he became a Council member, continued the Benevolent Fund work and was elected Scottish Branch President in 1992/1993.

Following the merger of the Institution of Mining Engineers (IMinE) and IMEME in 1985, he was elected to the Branch Council and continued responsibility for Benevolent Fund work. Jim remained on Council through the merger with the Institution of Mining & Metallurgy (IMM) in 1998 and the merger with the Institution of Materials in 2002 to form the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3). Again, he continued in his role of Benevolent Fund Organiser and he continues in this role today.

Jim devotes much of his free time visiting, on behalf of IOM3, former and retired members, and their immediate family members. Without such dedication it would not be possible for the Institute to deliver the benevolence that is so much gratefully received. The Outstanding Service Award was presented to Jim (photo, right) by the MIS past President, Mark Friel, at a technical meeting of The Mining Institute of Scotland in March 2016.


Geoffrey Hammond, MinSouth
In 2006, Geoff Hammond joined the Council of MinSouth. In 2009, he took on the role of MinSouth Honorary Treasurer, setting up a revised accounting format and bank account to administer to the requirements of electronic banking to facilitate payments for society memberships, seminars and other events. In 2010, MinSouth adopted a policy to pay towards membership of IOM3 by university students. He has been key in implementing this initiative and in encouraging students to join. In 2014, he stood down as MinSouth Honorary Treasurer, but remains on its Council and continues to administer the accounts of the Finex Conferences, which occur every two years and in which MinSouth councillors take a leading role. Geoff was presented with his Outstanding Service Award certificate by Andrew Hindmarch, the 2014/15 MinSouth President at the MinSouth meeting on 9 April 2015.

Laurence Wilshere, WEMMA
Laurence has been a member of the Institute of 35 years and an active member of local societies for 25 years. Exceptional service has been given to the Cambridge & Anglian Materials Society (CAMS), London Materials Society (LMS) and West of England Metals & Materials Association (WEMMA). This has included the responsibilities of Chairman in both LMS and WEMMA. Laurence has been the driving force for the promotion of materials and engineering to local societies.
Image:Dr Richard Ball (left) presenting the OSA to Laurence Wilshere (right)

Chris Turner, EMPkgS
As a member of the Packaging Society, Chris has actively supported local branch activities and was elected on the East Midlands Packaging Society committee. He took on the responsibility of membership and later the role of Vice Chairman. He gained his Institute membership in 2008. Notable Chris organised the first international local society event to take Institute members from the UK to Holland to gain an insight into the Dutch packaging marker. Chris has also been an enthusiastic supporter of Student Starpack as it is a passion of his to promote to young people the benefits of a career in packaging industry.



Pat Foster, CorIE
As President of the Cornish Institute of Engineers during its centenary year, he led a variety of special events including a one-day conference at the Heartlands centre near Camborne featuring Cornish companies in the global mining sector, a centenary dinner in Redruth and other celebratory functions. In the same year, he chaired and convened a major international conference in London for IOM3. He has been lecturing in Cornwall since 2000 and has made a huge contribution to local activities, from innovative mining research with global impact to organising the Camborne School of Mines Rugby club. 

Allan Thomson, MIS
Alan Thomson has served continuously on Council of the Mining Institute of Scotland since 1995 and has been instrumental in building relationships with further education establishments, which has resulted in a significant increase in membership. He has organised the local heats of the Young Persons' Lecture Competition for several years. His personal efforts resulted in a resurgence of interest in Institute affairs in Ayrshire, an area that had not seen technical or social meetings for many years. Despite deteriorating health, he has steadfastly applied his knowledge and experience to the matters of the Mining Institute of Scotland. 
Image: Allan Thomson with his Outstanding Service Award

Gary Critchlow, EMMS
Gary has been on the East Midlands Materials Society committee since 2004 and has been instrumental in increasing Loughborough University staff and students involvement. He was a co-organiser of three very financially successful conferences (2007, 2010 and 2013) partially obtaining sponsorship from organisations and industry and attracting a wide audience. He was President of EMMS from 2008 to 2012 and in this time attendance at meetings and a range of other activities has increased significantly, culminating in the society winning the Local Society of the Year Award in 2013. 

Steve Andrews, EMMS
Steve is a relatively recent 'convert' to materials. Earlier, he was an engineering apprentice with British Rail Engineering Ltd. He joined Rolls-Royce as a lab technician in 1998, worked his way up the technical ladder and became a MIMMM CEng in 2009. His enthusiasm for materials was shown by his regular and frequent attendance at East Midlands Materials Society technical meetings and other events. He became a member of the EMMS committee in 2004 and was promptly elected treasurer. He held this post until 2012 when he stood down. He also became conference treasurer in 2007, a post he still holds. He is still a member of the EMMS committee. In his time Steve has encouraged other Rolls-Royce colleagues to some to the meetings as well as getting speakers for the meetings.


Richard Ball, WEMMA
Richard has been an enthusiastic member of WEMMAA and a constructive secretary for 9 years. During that time he has worked behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the local society. As well as providing the required minutes for all minutes, he has maintained the society's website and organised events. He has ensured a good link between WEMMA and both Bath and Bristol Universities.

Dave Wetters, MPG


Gavin Bowyer, MinSouth
In 1994, Gavin Bowyer was one of the three founding members of the South of England Section of the former IMM and its Chairman from 1994 to 1998. He was involved with its successful merger with the Southern Counties Institute of Mining Engineers to form the joint body which has become the MinSouth Local Society. He remained on the Council of the merged Local Society for a further couple of years, while it bedded down. He re-joined as MinSouth Councillor in 2006 and has served on the Council to date. He has taken a lead in fostering relations with the Earth Science Teachers Association, including attending their conferences to represent MinSouth and mining industry professionals in general. He is a Fellow of IOM3 and has served on the former Council of the IMM and both its benevolent fund and the Member's Benevolent Fund of IOM3. Gavin was presented with his certificate for Outstanding Service Award by Nick Eastwood, the 2011/12 MinSouth President at the MinSouth meeting on 10 May 2012.

John Wilcox, SAM
John Wilcox has given exceptional service to the Scottish Association of Metals having served two terms as Secretary (21 years in total) and one term as President and acting as a sounding board for the Materials community in Scotland. He has increased awareness of Materials activities in Secondary Schools throughout Scotland and has worked tirelessly to engage local industry in the region, both multi-national and small and medium sized companies, in appropriate Materials training and development. John's leadership in the Materials area has ensured that Scotland has had a voice on many of the IOM3 committees including Council. He has given exemplary service to the Institute.
image: (l-r) Mike Arrowsmith, Dr John Wilcox and Liz Tanner

Colin Hindle, SPRA
For the past 30 years Colin Hindle has played an active role in the Scottish Plastics & Rubber Association and its predecessor, the Scottish Committee of the Plastics and Rubber Institute, serving on the committee of the latter, two years of which as Chairman. He was instrumental in the birth of SPRA in 1992, after the formation of the Institute of Materials, and has served continuously on Council since then, mostly as Education Officer and a two-year term as President. He has been the driving force behind the SPRA technical programme, newsletter, website, annual Dinner Dance and many examples of collaboration with other organisations. In the last 3 years Colin has conscientiously represented the Scottish Local Societies of IOM3 and on the Local Affairs Board. Recognition of his outstanding service is overdue.
Image: Dr Colin Hindle (left) receiving his award

Clive Fenn, MPG

Gary Ogden, MPG


Tony Brewis, MinSouth
From the year 2000, Tony Brewis has been a member of the Council of the MinSouth and its predecessor, a Local Society, which operates in London and the South East. He has taken a leading role in relations with schools and is Stemnet representative. He is a trustee of the Ecton Mine Educational Trust, which is supported by MinSouth and provides facilities for educational visits by schools. He is a Fellow of IOM3 and has served on the former Council of IMM and both its benevolent fund and the Member's Benevolent Fund of the IOM3. Tony was presented with his certificate for Outstanding Service by Nick Eastwood, the 2011/12 MinSouth President at the MinSouth meeting on 9 November 2011.

Jan Czerski
Jan Czerski is well known in the Manchester Polymer Group (MPG). He is a polymer technologist and an expert in design, processing and environmental concerns. He has been an active committee member of MPG for many years and has expended much effort in arranging the technical lecture programme for the past few years. He has sourced an impressive line up of speakers on polymer related topics from his extensive contact list in the UK and continental Europe. The quality of the lectures has been reflected in an increase in attendance, both at seminars and webinars.  

Barry Jones
When the London packaging local society re-formed, Barry became Secretary, and took on the additional role of Chairman three years later in 2005, a role that he still holds. He founded the London Packaging Dinner and has chaired the committee since 2002. Of the seven charitable black tie dinners he has organised, the latest raised £30,000. Barry is actively involved with the Thames River Cruise, a social networking event, and instigated The London and South East Packaging Society (LSEPS) involvement with the easyfairs conference in London last autumn. He was responsible for the amalgamation of LSEPS with Thames Valley to create a more cohesive southern region society.

Sue Panteny
Sue Panteny of the Midlands Plastics and Rubber Group has received an Outstanding Service Award for her contribution to the local society. The photo was taken at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire. Sue sadly passed away on 1 February 2011.

Stuart Patrick
Stuart Patrick has been active on the Manchester Polymer Group committee, particularly regarding education, and has fostered links with schools, colleges and universities to help teachers participate in polymer courses to support their teaching of materials in the classroom. In addition, he has successfully arranged events such as the exhibit at Manchester Museum of Science and Technology during National Science Week. Stuart’s passion for the Institute’s education agenda is evident and the committee is looking forward to supporting the 2011/12 initiatives that he is championing.


Mike Beeson
Mike Beeson received his Oustanding Service Award (OSA) for services to the Midlands Plastics and Rubber Group. He has been a member of the committee for over 40 years and his offices include twice being Chairman of the main committee, Secretary for at least five years and Chair of the Rubber Technical committee. He has also been a member of the Rubber Technical committee for at least 20 years, and is Secretary and Chair of the Social Committee.

Dave Evetts
Dave Evetts is a long-time supporter of the Institute. He liaised between Rolls-Royce plc, the East Midlands Materials Society (EMMS) and IOM3, to get Rolls-Royce personnel professionally qualified and involved with the Institute. Dave was elected to the EMMS Committee in 1999, and has served as President and Secretary. Since retiring from Rolls-Royce in 2003, he has worked tirelessly for the Institute – as Vice-Chair of the Membership Committee, as the Midlands representative on Council, and on the Local Affairs Board.

Dr Charlie Geddes
Dr Charlie Geddes has volunteered for the Institute over many years, especially via the Scottish Plastics & Rubber Association (SPRA). A founder member of SPRA, Charlie had been active in the former Plastics & Rubber Institute, and before that the Plastics Institute, especially in polymer education. As Honorary Secretary he organises technical seminars and is secretariat for the Scottish Polymer Employer Network. He is the society’s webmaster and regularly attends Local Society Forums.

David Seath
David Seath has been a member of the Mining Institute of Scotland Council for over 25 years, including President in 1993/94 and Secretary since 1999. He is Chairman of the MIS Trust, a member of the IOM3 Secretaries Committee and a long standing scrutineer. He also sits on the Professional Responsibility Interview panel for would be Members and Chartered Engineers. He is a Trustee of the Scottish Mining Museum.

Robert Walker
Robert Walker has attended meetings of the Newport and District Society (NDMS) since the 1960s and has served on the committee since 1990. He was also a member of the South Wales Materials Association's (SWMA's) Council from 1990-2004. He was President of NDMS in 2004-07. He is currently involved in Materials Network Wales and is instrumental in NDMS being a corporate member. Robert is a regular attendee at Local Society Forums and a Fellow of IOM3.


Albert Attwood  
Albert has served local and national committees of the former Plastics Institute, its successor The Plastics and Rubber Institute and from here to its amalgamation into IOM3. His commitment to these organisations spans longer than anyone, including Albert, can remember. Records show that he joined the Institute in 1993 but 1947 would be a better estimate.

Tony Hesp 
Tony is the first overseas member to win an OSA. He has served on the committee of the South African Society for 41 years and helped to organise four national conferences. He has passed on his experience and knowledge to younger members and is a driving force in making the society active and successful.

Carmel O'Donohue 
Carmel O'Donohue has been the mainstay of the Irish polymer group for over 40 years. She was a founding committee member and has subsequently been treasurer, chairperson and, for at least the last 30 years, secretary. Carmel is a well-known figure in the Irish South Polymer Group and is a brilliant organiser – IOM3 events in the region have always run smoothly and efficiently. She retired as Honorary Secretary this year to allow a younger person to take over.

Stuart Porthouse 
Stuart joined the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers in 1968 at the age of 21. He has been President twice, first in 1980-81 when the local society was known as the North of England Institute of Mining, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, and again in 2006-07. He has been Treasurer since 2000 and served as Secretary from 2002-06. His selfless commitment, leadership and loyalty to the local society has ensured its continuous existence as it takes up new challenges.


Eric Ivison FIMMM
Eric has been involved with the Institute since the 1950s and was instrumental in the formation of the Materials Society of Cumbria having also stood as President. A metallurgist working in the steel industry, he retired in 1991 but is still active within the society.

Matthew Philip
Matthew Philip of the South Eastern Plastics and Rubber Group received his Award for over 20 years’ service to the Group, including as Chair and Programme Co-ordinator. He has organised two seminars for the local society – Plastics in Communication and a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the discovery of vulcanisation. He has been a Polymer Division Board member and written several textbooks on polymers.

David Smalley FInstPkg
David Smalley received his award in recognition of half a century of involvement in the industry and East Midlands Packaging Society, including a period as National Chairman. He is still heavily involved nationally as a Packaging Board member and in the East Midlands Society as treasurer, as a key liaison between local societies and in organising events. David has regularly spoken on behalf of the Society on local radio.

Derek Watson
Derek Watson joined the Tyne and Wear Materials Society (TWMS) in 1974 (under its former guise as the Tyne and Wear Metallurgical Society), and has served as Vice-Chairman, Chairman and Treasurer, holding the latter position since 1986. He has been a mainstay of the Society in recent years.


Alan Baxter
An enthusiastic and ever present secretary of MinSouth (formerly the Southern Counties Branch of the IMM) since 2000 and Secretary of the Members’ Benevolent Trust (since 2003). He was also a member of the Local Affairs Board. 

Ken Forsdyke FIMMM
A mainstay of the former South Wales Polymer Group (now South Wales and Western Polymer Group) since 1989. He served five years as Chair, including overseeing the merger of the two societies in 2004. He is a member of the Local Affairs Board, the Membership Committee and Council.

Stan Morrell FIMMM
President of the Telford Polymer Association (TPA) since 1997. He first joined the Institute of the Rubber Industry in 1953, and joined the committee of the Telford and Shropshire section of the PRI in 1987. He has always been a loyal supporter of the TPA.

Steve Pye FIMMM
The first member of IOP: The Packaging Society to win an Outstanding Service Award. He first became involved in 1991, and became Chair of the Merseyside Society in 1994. He is passionate about the benefits of belonging to IOP: The Packaging Society and has done a great deal to encourage others to share the benefits of membership.

Martin Wall AIMMM
Providing a sterling service as secretary of the Oxford Materials Society for at least 15 years, he has taken the lead on the organisation of lecture evenings and looks after the website. He has worked tirelessly to make the society the success it is today.


Jonathan James
Dr James was awarded his award for his commitment to the SWMA. He has served as President and, for 10 consecutive years, as Honorary Secretary. He also maintains the SWMA website and organises the annual dinner.

George Burke
Burke received his award for his contributions to the institute. He was actively involved with the IMEMME, the IMinE, the IMM, and then the IOM3. He is a long serving member of the Nottinghamshire Branch Council, acting as their Treasury and Secretary.

Ted Darby
This award was in recognition of Ted's long involvement with the Society, being on the Committee for over 25 years. At various times he has also held office as President and Secretary. Ted also carries out professional interviewing for the Institute and has long championed theInstitute and encouraged membership at the Raynesaway site.

Jeff Gibbon
Gibbon served on the committee of the South Wales Polymer Group for 13 years,as both Secretary and Chair. He was a key member of the merger team when the society almalgamated with the Western Polymer Group, andserved as Secretary of the combined group until May 2005. He has sincere tired to have a well earned rest.


Andy Crangle MIMMM
Andy has been Treasurer of the Irish North Materials Group for the last 12 years, and was Secretary prior to that. He has organised many visits and conferences for the Society as well as being Treasurer. Andy hasalso won a year's free membership of the Institute. 

Alan Guthrie CEng FIMMM
Alan has been associated with Newport and District Materials Society for more than 10 years. He has served as Treasurer, retiring in 2001. Alan was also a member of the Institute's Membership Committee for sixyears.

Charles Tidswell
Charles has been involved with the Manchester Polymer Group for more than 20 years. He was Chair from 1995-1997 and has beenTreasurer ever since. Charles has supported the Manchester Polymer Group with great enthusiasm since the days of the Plastics and Rubber Institute.