Stepping forward - latest clay technology

Clay Technology magazine
15 Dec 2014

Natalie Daniels looks at all the latest technology in the sector

A visual display 

Ibstock Brick Ltd has created a portfolio to show off its latest brick builds and solutions for architects and specifiers. The 200-page portfolio displays brick ranges, case studies and interactive features accessible by smartphone, including videos on the manufacture of the bricks and photo galleries of the company’s latest projects. Ibstock’s portfolio allows access to a 36,000-image library for further resources, including design presentations, and a sample ordering service.

Brick roaring success

Modern, clean, and an engineered tile-lip are just a few features of the latest range of bricks by UK firm Ibstock. The newly designed tilebricks have a front-faced tile-hung wall elevation with no visible mortar joints and an abstracted surface. Ranging from three profiles, one has a clean and defined finish, another adds strong linear definition to the façade, and the traditional shape has a softer finish. In colder weather, the tilebricks act as a heat conductor to provide an extra thermal barrier.

Hoping for handmade?

A new range of handmade clay roof tiles by Marley Eternit will launch in 2015. The tiles will be made from Etruria Marl, using traditional tiling skills including shaping and pummelling clay by hand, to create a finer, stronger and durable finish to withstand harsh UK weather. The range is available in three colours – Chailey (orange), Loxleigh (antique) and Burford (brown), all created with soft edges and sand-faced texture.

Planning ahead

German clay construction product manufacturer Schmid, based in Bönnigheim, has announced plans to start its first filling plant for its Coriso clay bricks. The company’s initial priority will be improving efficiency by using a hydraulic optimisation system to reduce energy consumption by two-thirds. 

The company will make further improvements in efficiency by installing a modern energy management system, with commissioning to take place in the coming year.