Call for support for construction Diploma

Clay Technology magazine
13 Feb 2009
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Co-ordinators of the UK’s Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment are seeking more companies to take part.

The qualification for 14-19-year-olds is one of five launched last Autumn. ‘It supplies a more interesting learning vehicle,’ explains Nick Gooderson, Head of Qualifications and Standards
at ConstructionSkills, the sector skills council for the construction industry. ‘It is rich in science, math and English, but in a sector context.’

The Diploma focuses on three themes – design, creation of the built environment, and value in use – and includes 10 days’ work experience in industry, as well as specialist units.

‘Brick and clay form a big part of construction, so studying them and how they can be used is integral,’ notes Neil Robinson of Proskills, the sector skills council for manufacturers, which
helped create the qualification.

One company promoting the Diploma is Hanson, who has nominated a Champion to drum up support from
other companies.

Brick manufacturer Ibstock is meanwhile becoming involved with the Diploma in Manufacturing, to be
launched in September.

‘I would like to see more companies, such as heavy clay firms, get involved, as this education is very important for the industry,’ says Robinson.

So far, 1,400 students have enrolled on the construction diploma, and a further 3-4,000
are expected to sign up this September. The 500 companies currently involved are not enough, Gooderson says.

‘The challenge will be to grow their numbers, especially [among] SMEs’. In a recent report, the UK Construction Skills Network has predicted that construction employment will rise by 2.9% between 2009-13. This underlies the importance of maintaining a skilled workforce.

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