Certified by IOM3 acknowledges that not all HE programmes in materials, minerals and mining are eligible for accreditation through one of our licensed bodies, and that establishments may wish to seek recognition outside of the confines of formal accreditation.

Our service provides recognisable branding that your institution and your programmes meet the high standards required of achieving this badge and is suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of at least one academic year in duration.

What are the benefits of gaining Certified by IOM3 status?

In addition to demonstrating that your Institution and programme(s) meet the highest standards you will also receive the following benefits:

  • Your programmes will be Certified for a period of 3 years, subject to an interim review at the half way point.
  • Use of a dated Certified by IOM3 logo on your website and publicity materials.
  • Your institution and programmes will be listed in the Directory of Certified Providers.
  • One quarter page ad in Materials World or Clay Technology each year at a time to suit you.
  • Six promotional tweets from the IOM3 Twitter account throughout the period of certification at a time to fit in with your course recruitment cycle.
  • 10% discount on further advertising.

How much does this service cost?

  • The basic package which confers Certified by IOM3 status on your department (cost centre) and three programmes for a period of three years is £1615.
  • Additional programmes in the same cost centre are charged at £350 each for 1-3 additional programmes or £315 each for 4-6 additional programmes.  If you wish to add seven or more additional programmes in the same cost centre please get in touch.
  • Programmes run by different cost centres will need to make individual applications.

VAT will be added to these charges at a rate of 20%, where applicable.  Subscribers to our Business Partner Programme are entitled to a discount on these fees, contact us for more information.

How do we apply to for our programme to become Certified by IOM3?

To apply for your programme(s) to be Certified by IOM3, simply complete the application form in as much detail as you can.  We need to know about your institutution, your programme specification and teaching materials, your lecturers/tutors and the experience you provide to your students.

The information you sumbit will be assessed to ensure that your event fits within the remit of IOM3 and is of suffient quality to carry our badge.  Once an assessment has been made we will be in touch with next steps.

Ready to apply?

If you would like to apply to have your programme recognised as 'Certified by IOM3' please follow the link and complete our online application form.

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