Prince Philip Award (not available in 2024)

For polymers in the service of mankind.

Prince Philip Award (not available in 2024)

The Prince Philip Award, an IOM3 Premier Award, is presented for polymers in the service of mankind.

Awarded not more than once every two years, not less than once every five years, it is open to all companies, partnerships, associations, societies, academic institutions and only in special circumstances to an exceptional individual. Last awarded 2019.

Award judging

The award is judged by the IOM3 Polymer Leadership Team.

Past winners

2021 -
2022 Zotefoams plc

2001 - 2020
2019 NEXTEK, 2015 Avon Rubber, 2011 Biocompatibles UK Ltd, 2006 Vascutek Ltd, 2004 Victrex Research & Technology

1991 - 2000
1999 B G Technology plc., 1996 Maunsell Structural Plastics Ltd, 1993 Regent Hospital Products

1981 - 1990
1990 Malaysian Rubber Producers' Research Association, 1987 E I du Pont de Nemours & Co, 1985 L Gore & Associates Inc

About the Award

The Prince Philip gold medal was instituted to commemorate the presentation by the Plastics Institute of its first Honorary Fellowship to the Duke of Edinburgh KG GT on 22 May 1973. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II having approved the recommendation of the Secretary of State for Home Affairs that the Institute be permitted to use this title for the award.

The award for which the theme is 'Plastics in the service of man' will be made not more than once in every two years, to applicants, whether members or non-members wherever resident, whose achievements are considered by the Council of the Insttute to be beneficial to mankind in improving the quality of life, in easing pain and distress, in conserving or extending the availability of natural resources, materials and food.

Evidence of actual benefit as well as prospects for the future must be shown, but commercial success as such will not be considered important.

Applications, with a supporting statement of about 500 words describing the contribution, together with the names and addresses of at least two referees should be sent by the end of 1977 to the Secretary-General of the Plastics and Rubber Institute.

Plastics and Rubber International, July/August 1977 Vol 2 No4