Hancock Medal

For outstanding service to the rubber industry.

Hancock Medal

The Hancock Medal is presented for outstanding service to the rubber industry.

The winner will receive a medal.

Given alternate (even) years with the Colwyn Medal.

Award judging

The award is judged by the IOM3 Elastomer Leadership Team.

Past winners

2021 -
2022 Alan Bickley

2001 - 2020
2020 William Mortel, 2018 Alan Muhr, 2016 Martyn Bennett, 2014 R Matthan, 2012 Andrew Tinker, 2008 M Patel, 2006 R P Brown, 2002 S V Lathia

1981 - 2000
2000 William R Adam, 1998 M E Cain, 1997 N H Godfrey, 1996 D A Hills, 1995 S H Coulson, 1994 R G Winder, 1993 Claude Hepburn, 1991 T D Pendle, 1990 M J Falconer-Flint, 1989 G C Gullan, 1988 M I Iddon, 1987 D C Blackley, 1986 K M Philip, 1985 D A Bennett CBE, 1984 J P Berry, 1983 G F Morton, 1982 Sir Reay Geddes KBE, 1981 P W Allen

1961 - 1980
1980 J Glazer, 1979 D M Turner, 1978 L G Harrison, 1977 H Jackson & H G Parkes, 1976 H M Collier, 1975 M A Birkin, 1974 D Bulgin & R C W Moakes, 1973 M J Jordan, 1972 C M Blow, 1971 E R Gardner, 1970 J M Buist, 1969 G E M Godfrey MBE, 1968 L R Mernagh, 1967 H C Baker & J A Smithson, 1966 L L Roe, 1965 G A Shires, 1964 D Banerjee, 1963 F H Cotton, 1962 C H Birkitt, 1961 M M Heywood

1952 - 1960
1960 C B Copeman, 1959 J H Carrington, 1958 H Willshaw OBE, 1957 M Panzetta MBE, 1956 S D Sutton, 1955 J M Wright, 1954 F Ascoli CIE, 1953 H Rogers, 1952 T J Drakeley CBE


Nomination process

The following information is required to submit a nomination:

  • Nominee's title, full name, email address, IOM3 member grade (if applicable) and postnominals, company and position
  • Citation (500 words max) to support your nomination
  • Additional documentation (i.e. letters of support, CV, list of publications) to further support your nomination
  • Details of an external referee (only if the nominee and nominator are from the same organisation
  • Statement (500 words max) explaining how the nominee is championing diversity, equity and inclusion within the materials, minerals and mining sectors.

Please note you may save your nomination as a draft at any point during the process and complete at a later date.