Circular Economy

Recognising good practice and innovation towards a more circular economy

The transition away from a wasteful ‘take-make-use-lose’ economic model to one that keeps resources in use at as high a value, for as long as possible, restoring natural systems and eliminating waste, will be essential to meet our climate goals and address many of the challenges society faces.

The award recognises and celebrates individuals and organisations facilitating this transition and embedding circular principles.

This could include science, technology or engineering solutions enabling the transition; changes in design, products or processes; or new and different ways of structuring businesses, such as leasing and servitisation models. Entries could include examples of circularity implemented at any scale, or those on a journey and making progress towards embedding greater circularity and delivering change. It could be a new initiative, technology, product, project or business.

The award is open to a diverse range of entrants including organisations and individuals across materials, minerals and mining with demonstrated on the ground practical examples to share.

Judging criteria

The judges will be looking for:

  • How the entrant is transitioning towards circularity and the benefits it delivers
  • A demonstration of reduction in resource use and waste prevention
  • How the value chain and relevant partners are involved or have been engaged
  • Where relevant, how the development is being communicated and the necessary behaviour change facilitated

Key dates

  • 1 March IOM3 Sustainable Future Awards 2024 launch
  • 1 May 23:59 BST Deadline for entries 
  • 16 September Shortlisted finalists announced 
  • November Awards ceremony