22 May 2020
by Natalie Daniels

What is IOM3 doing to support the COVID-19 response?

The outbreak of COVID-19 means that life has changed for the whole world and although there has been some easing of restrictions and a new UK Government slogan ’Stay alert. Control the virus. Save lives,’ there is a long way to go until we achieve some form of ‘new normal’.

IOM3 has been involved in helping to keep its members aware of latest updates, share expertise and exchange knowledge in the fight against COVID-19 and provide valuable content at this critical time.

We have been calling on IOM3 members with vast expertise in materials and engineering to help respond to the pandemic whether it is providing PPE equipment, auxiliary engineering support or biomedical research to provide Government with support and assistance during this pandemic.

IOM3 is supporting the international response to the COVID-19 pandemic by:

  • Creating a COVID-19 Content Hub bringing members the latest news, updates and content
  • Covering some IOM3 membership efforts to support frontline workers and on how the STEM community is responding in Materials World (May 2020)
  • Launching a PPE Initiative campaign with Lindhurst Engineering and donating more than 3,500 PPE items to the local hospital from our Grantham office
  • Supporting a project with the Institution of Engineering Design and Keele University to encourage engineering and design solutions for coronavirus
  • Publicising the Royal Academy of Engineering Auxiliary Engineering Support call from NHS England
  • Working with the National Engineering Policy Centre to provide materials, minerals and mining specialist advice and input to government and health professionals
  • Introducing virtual registration workshops
  • Sharing call for support campaigns on social media and news items.

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Natalie Daniels