1 April 2021

Welsh company announce plans to counter hospital waste in Europe

Thermal compaction technology developed in Wales could help reduce plastic waste from Dutch hospitals.

© MarceloLeal/Unsplash

Thermal Compaction Group (TCG) has entered into a joint venture with Dutch sustainability firm Greencycl. The deal will see the firm's Sterimelt technology potentially used across hospitals in the Netherlands and Europe.

Sterimelt is a machine that melts polypropylene sterilisation materials, such as surgery drapes and tray wraps, into plastic briquettes that can be re-used. As well as reducing waste and saving money, the system also helps reduce carbon emissions by an average of 65%. Because Sterimelt technology removes all contamination, the resulting plastic can be re-used in a wide range of products, the company says.

Sustainability is an increasingly important priority for the health service in the Netherlands, with 8% of all CO2 emissions in the Netherlands produced by hospitals with each patient resulting in seven bags of waste on average.

Majid El Mortadi, Greencycl co-founder says, ‘The urgency with which we need to tackle the problem of single-use plastic waste in the health service cannot be overstated. Hospitals are a big consumer of single-use plastic items, and because of the contamination risk, these products have previously gone to landfill.

Managing Director of TCG, Philip Davison-Sebry, explains, ‘Our Sterimelt technology has revolutionised the treatment of hospital waste, allowing it to be de-contaminated and compressed into sterilised blocks that can be re-used for a wide variety of applications. The benefits to hospitals are numerous, from reducing waste and environmental impact to generating considerable cost savings and creating new income streams.’