14 December 2022
by Hassan Akhtar

Ultra-low carbon glass furnace to start in 2027

The new furnace in Elton, Cheshire, UK, will create net-zero glass bottle at scale, with the aim of producing 200 million bottles by 2030.

Glass bottles © Nicolas Horn/unsplash

The glass manufacturer Encirc and its partners plan to build a furnace which will reduce carbon emissions by 90% using green electricity and low carbon hydrogen from the Vertex plant in Cheshire.

Adrian Curry, Managing Director of Encirc hopes that it will be fully functional by 2027 and will help glass production then onwards, ‘This will be a major step in our goal of producing net zero glass by 2030. With support from the Government and key partners, Encirc and Diageo we believe it will be possible to have this first of its kind furnace up and running at the beginning of 2027.’

‘This is about protecting glass as a material by addressing the carbon challenge. The work we and Glass Futures undertake will be shared with the UK glass industry to ensure glass remains as the packing of choice for many thousands more years!’


Hassan Akhtar