24 February 2023
by Sarah Morgan

UK’s first national 6G research facility to open

A new research facility at the University of Sheffield will bring together academics and industry to innovate and support the delivery of future 6G services.

© Photo by Harrison Qi on Unsplash

The new UKRI National 6G Radio Systems Facility aims to give the UK world-class R&D capabilities in 6G technology, the next generation of telecommunications technology. It is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

The bid received unprecedented support from more than 40 companies and academic institutions with strong interests in 6G.

The site will be capable of supporting research into 6G radio systems spanning all the operating frequency bands - from sub-6GHz to sub-THz - including the 6G band at 220GHz. 

Its equipment will support multiple over-the-air transmissions at once, facilitating research into novel advanced radio systems.


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